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Whispering Silent Prayers Unheard

Updated on July 27, 2014

Whispering Silent Prayers Unheard

Why me, she softly whispers as tears flow down her face, I have done no wrong, how could you tell me this now when you know I am about to have your newborn?

He looks at her and says don't worry you will find someone you will love someday and will forget about me, I have a new woman and we are no more.

Her hands fell to her tummy and couldn't understand how a man could leave her and act like they were done. Her eyes looked across the field and thought about what he said, all she wanted to do was run far away, instead she said a silent prayer and went on her way.

She traveled far away to escape her tears and pain and found out he was right, her heart fell in love once more.

It was good for a while and then baby number two was born.

Years went by and pain got worse, hiding inside all those ugly words. Then one day she decided that she had enough. Two kids to care for and no job in site but she sat there speechless and started to cry. Her heart was in turmoil and in so much pain, why me she whispered a silent prayer, why me?

Looking up in the sky to the man up above she whispered, I know you got to care, please help me from this I pray and take away this hurt, I need you Lord hear my Prayer.

So sitting on her porch alone and single and unknown, should she again trust her heart, will he ever come around? Her heart was broken once more knowing he would never want to know her more.

Time went by and then again he came around and gave her a smile.

Third times a charm she whispered to herself, she was so happy that he never got away.

Eighteen years later and four kids to count, two of his and two he loved without a doubt.

Time passed by and things heated up, why did he treat me as such. One drink, two then twelve, his words were so horrible it cut her like a knife.

Every night same thing, "why me?" she weeped to herself and hiding her pain. I love this man he says he does too, but does this happen when two people care? You bash my kids, you rip my heart, you continue to drink and tear me apart. Forced to once again leave and start a new life, she went to work and stopped her heart.

Now she did not care and anger for all her unheard prayers and silence she became with a very cold heart. He came around her one day proclaiming his love for her and his pain. She took him back and then one day told herself, "why me," Why did I listen to my heart? Back in the same boat, one drink, two then twelve more. Caught in a cycle that life has given her, and again her heart hurting once more. Many silent whispers and many silent prayers, all held inside her and no answered prayers. She sits silently to this day keeping it all hidden inside her heart, words hurt, will it ever get better or will her life go on with the same life, night after night hurtful words said after one drink, two drinks and then twelve more.


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    • shabbychicmomma profile imageAUTHOR

      Cheryl Wortman 

      4 years ago from Keizer,Oregon

      Thanks and yes there are many that may go thru much more.

    • Theodore Wallace profile image

      Theodore Wallace 

      4 years ago

      Lots of heartfelt tragedy, I found it quite moving. Probably happens all too often.

    • shabbychicmomma profile imageAUTHOR

      Cheryl Wortman 

      4 years ago from Keizer,Oregon

      Thank you

    • kljones86 profile image

      Along with the wind 

      4 years ago from colorado

      Very sad, and such deep words of truth that touch the soul. Keep writing from that, and your hubs will continue to be heard like they should. Great job


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