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Whispering Voice

Updated on March 30, 2017
africanpenwarrior profile image

I am a graduate of Mass Communication ''Bsc" but was a science student in my secondary school days, finally majored in forensic journalism.

Whispering Voice

Know what you do
When you fail to plan
You have planned to fail
I see the hands of the breeze at the East
Gently drawing me close to herself
She had whispered into my ears

She said carefully to me
When you are planning, be careful
In time of execution be cautioned
But if you fail, be courageous
All you have to do is be focused
The next time you are planning

put on my shoes of courage
Is what next in my mind
I will discover myself
Know what best I can do
When making it become my aim

So soft not tough
I walked through the tunnel
Of life piercing pains, like needle
I did my best
If you don’t care to know
But I did what I know best
And became best in life context

Whispering Voice


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    • profile image

      Fiddleman 9 months ago

      Nice work!!! Love failing to plan is planning to fail!