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Whispers of Goodbye Part 6

Updated on November 10, 2011

Samuel and Morgan swam down towards the large coral reef. Samuel pointed towards a hole in the reef. As they swam through it, a cave appeared on the other side. Dark at the entrance, they could see there was light coming through from some-where. Morgan flipped on the voice box inside his diving mask.

"Do you know where you are going, Sammy? I don't remember this reef even being here."

"It wasn't, Morg. That is why we are here. I saw someone, a kid, swim past here. He did not have any mask or visible signs of a breathing apparatus."

"Well, you can't breathe under water without something for air. Remember that lesson in diving class? It was "drowning-101." Morgan laughed at his joke but Samuel kept swimming straight in to the chasm. "What do you think you will find down here, my friend?"

"Eve... that's what I expect to find down here. I know what I saw earlier. I read one time that the Government had people studying the effects of living under water. Maybe what I saw was one of their experiments. Hell, I don't know."

"Alright, my good fiend... hell, my only friend, let's go find Eve. I'll follow you."

They swam down deeper, Morgan keeping close eyes on the pressure. He knew they were going deeper and yet the pressure gage was still reading normal pressure.

"Sammy, we are over 200 feet and their is normal preasure all around us. What is that all about?"

Sammy didn't answer Morgan. Instead, he pointed towards the edge of the reef. There, right in front of them was a girl, swimming along the sea floor.She had a netted bag she was filling with sea cucumbers and clams. She did not see them behind her and Morgan and Samuel kept a safe distance so that they could see her but she would not see them. They followed her in to what looked like a huge black hole in the ocean floor. Deeper and deeper they went, the pressure never changing.

"Where is she going, Sammy? I don't see how she is breathing or know why she is here."

"I think we may be about to find out. She is swimming up towards a light. Maybe here is a cavern close that opens up into a dry cave. That is where we are going to find Eve."

Stopping behind another coral stand, they watched as she swam straight up and then saw her disappear from site. They waited a short time to let her get where she was going. Samuel led the way to the top. Unsure what they might find, anxious to see if Eve might be here, he swam as if he were sneaking up on an enemy. Breaking the surface, he saw a huge under-water cave. It seemed to go on and on, tunnels going in several direction. Morgan joined him on the cavern floor.

"What the hell is this place, Sammy? We have fished this area for 15 years and never knew it was here?"

"I Don't think it has always been here, Morg. The walls look sculpted and formed but not by time or anything natural. This cavern was hand-made and we need to find out why."

They heard voices coming towards them. Both men shrunk back into the darkness of one of the tunnels. A woman's voice and then, that of a child.

"There has got to be a way to fix this, or at least undo what they have done to you. They know I am here and actually allowed me to be. What do they plan on doing with me?"

"I don't know, Mommy. I don't know why they let you come this time. I asked them so many times and they always said no."

Samuel recognized the woman's voice. He stepped out of the cave and looked in to the face of his wife. Eve stared at him as if she were not certain he was really there. He walked over to her and hugged her tight to his chest.

"Is it really you, Samuel?? Oh dear Lord, I prayed you would find us."

Morgan stared at Eve and the two children standing with her. The eyes of the little girl made him fall to his knees and cry. He held out his arms as the tears ran from his eyes. "I don't know how it's possible nor even how I know, but I know you are my little Lauren. I am your Daddy, baby. Please come here to me."

Lauren smiled at him. She ran to him and jumped into his arms. She pressed her mouth to his ear. "I knew you would come for me, Daddy. I always knew you would."

Samuel looked down at the boy and then back at Eve. She smiled tenderly and nodded. "Come her and see your ole' man, Mikey. I should have listened to your mother a long time ago." Looking up at Eve, through tears he whispered "I am so sorry. I love you."

Eve leaned down and kissed him as she embraced Samuel and Mikey. "I love you too."

Suddenly, from behind them was a voice. "Well now, it looks as if we have a serious problem here."

They all turned and looked to where the voice came from. Six men, three with guns, stood in the entrances of the tunnels. Eve, Samuel and Morgan pulled the kids inside a small circle, protecting them from the men.

"We weren't really expecting any guests. I am not sure what we can do about this. For now, you will be kept under guard, just until we figure out how to clean up this... Collateral damage."


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    • Becky Katz profile image

      Becky Katz 6 years ago from Hereford, AZ

      Three of the parents know their kids are alive. Somehow this will turn out right. Those people are crazy.