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White River Weekend

Updated on November 13, 2016

White River Weekend

As I look back on those White River Weekends I remember those beautiful fall colors.

The River appears to change with the seasons but always circles back to those amazing days in autumn.

It's a splendid time to see the River as its water acts like a mirror reflecting a riot of bright russet and gold as it flows through the valley.

When I visit the River my life seems to drift away like the leaves that float along the River's waters.

As I look up at the cliffs that flank the River which are shaped by past geologic events I'm overwhelmed by my own mortality.

Time is much like the river which flows swiftly along the River's banks continuing regardless of my attempts to escape its inevitability.

I realize that the day will soon arrive when I can no longer make this escape to my fortress of solitude.

Being only a mortal I will have to someday say goodbye to my escape to Eden.



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