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White Tailed Deer at Night

Updated on March 21, 2017

the white tailed deer would greet

at night Jameson Canyon

a coffee colored Chevy Impala.

the stars sneaking a peak

illustrious evening with

a Peter Murphy soundtrack

Hills slipping into the sky

some of the houses with their lights on

in a new napa horizon

the river with a concert of frogs

and leaves stirring in a breeze

the beats were a few years away in Tucson

the City Light (palasades) Booksstore

in San Francisco

with a Lawrence Ferlinghetti vase painting

a painting of a vase of bookshelves

cable cars and the electric buses which

spark like the stars above the napa nights

with the white tailed deer

fog horn buoys

and waves that lap like the fragrant grasses

in an early summer breeze in the napa canyon

with the white tailed deer peaking out

at the curious headlights

some of them standing next to the


which are still and

the breeze of the cars

tucson the tucson mountains over the horizon

past the trees

and the beats like

ferlinghetti and rexroth

sitting in a coffee table

by the river restaurant

looking at the leaves

in the trees

over the white tailed deer

standing on the dirt parapet

over the almost highway


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