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Justice afloat!

Updated on August 22, 2014

big bro'


Screaming for an outlet

Charged I to an open drain

To relieve myself,

I was warned of indecency


The Big Brother would be watching me!

Aroma drawing me to the kitchen

Rushed I with plate

Of course,

Without brushing;

Opening my mouth for food

Smelt my mother

My foul mouth,

And cautioned me of the Big Brother!

To lie of my father's absence at home,

To cheat on the reliable customers,

To ogle every woman who passes by;

Gossiping away the gifted time,

Flicking things in the pretext of shopping

Treating the maid like that of a slave

The Big Brother seems not to be watching;

He too seems to be partialled with eyesight!


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