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In Child's Eyes

Updated on August 20, 2016

I am pleased to conceive,you're here to take heed.

All set for my thoughts,ideas, and humorous stories.

So diligent, so mindful, so watchful on me!

Every time you look me by the eye.

I perceive a lion which stares on me at times.

I was filled with fear;

yet its you're way to shepherd such an innocent sheep.

You are the shepherd, I am the sheep.

You use your caret to hook my feet.

I hate you for the pain you have brought!

You abandoned me;I was wrong!

You've done this for me to get off the hook.

I'm often confused about things in the world.

Still, I feel secured,unflappable,and bold.

You make huge things easier for a lad.

To dream an impassable,hovering and advance!

There were many reasons why I may not forget you:

Depending on the memories I have with you.

Answer this question, you will find the answer;

Have you helped me to be whole, or just wrecked me into pieces?


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