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Who Dat........... That Aint's No More.

Updated on February 10, 2010


theres a bowl

that's super,

chock full of

people soup,

some boiling hot and

some bubbling

with happiness.

It's some real hot

jumbo gumbo

in which some

northerners stumbled

fumbled and mumbled

and fell right of

off the Colts

they were Manning.

They brought

wrought iront

o the grid with

guys floating like


over the end

zone line.

They took

Super Bowl 44

and made it into

a Colt .44 magnum

running and shooting

like bullets across

a once strong

defensive line.

Old Bum Philips

is a dancing

in his grave

and God will not

penalize him

for taunting

the title that's

been haunting

New Orleans

for so long.

The French Quarters

have finally added

up into millions

They brought

wrought iron

to the grid

floating like balconies

over the end zone line.

No more paper bags

over the faces

of the Aint's.

They onside kicked

that bag upside

down and made it

into a feeding bag

for the Colts to

swallow their

loss from.

New Orlean's is

lean no more,

and there aint no

levy high enough

to stop the flood

of joy tonight

but they are finally

drowning in happiness.

Just a wicked little

Brees that got to

stirring up a Bush

and whipping up a

whole lotta shockey

to those folks

in Indianapolis.

Like some kind

of hurricane

with 22 legs

whirling all over

that field of glory.

It was huge,

it was simple

at the end

it was the

Big easy

And Porter

was kicking up

a whole lotta dust

on the gravy train

heading to a

whole new

Payton Place.

Makes me wish

I was on

Bourbon Street tonight

sipping a tall one

festooned in

gold and black beads

and just watching them

big smiles go by.


x X  X  X

 O   O   X   O   X X




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    • bat115 profile image

      Tim 8 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      awesome! Yay to the Saints!