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Who Gave You Permission to Write? Mind Body and Spirit.

Updated on March 19, 2015

Permission to Write What We See

Write about us in the morning.
Write about us in the morning. | Source
Write about us, eating hay.
Write about us, eating hay. | Source

Writing Mentors, Who Needs Them, I Do.

Writing friends yes, we know, a whole bunch of them are waiting for us on the Internet. Not quite the same as the face to face. We know as we continue with the commitments to go to Bookstores we will get the courage up to support them and ask them to support us. Go to their workshops. Ask them to come to ours.

So do we want to be story tellers? Answer these questions first. Find out what is the passion of writing that we can't do without. Some quirk of life unexpected? Maybe.

Thanks everyone who offered your loving support as we asked for permission to write. Thank you for the questions, we discovered we wouldn't be happy doing anything else. This is such a wonderful, relaxing passion. It has opened us up. Discover ourselves.

There is always something safe and sound to write about, let go of the judgmental editor in our minds that argues with us, and do it.

We wanted support from someone who has already done these things. What are we noticing about the support we've actually gotten from writers we admire and like?

Their way with words, their compassion for life, their devotion to share in a way that keeps us writing. The questions they ask in their workbooks opens wider a path for us to follow along on, then make our own trail.

No Permission Needed

We noticed we were still big sistering everyone around us. We wanted support from someone who has already done these things. It is good to notice how much support we've actually gotten from writers we admire like; Carolyn Keene, Natalie Goldberg, Julia Cameron, James Redfield, Ted Andrews, Mary Summer Rain, Nora Roberts, e.e.cummings, Richard Bach, Dr. Suess, Mark Twain, Shel Silverstein, to mention a few.

These writers found a way to get the stories to the pages, all with struggles, doubts, rejections. Yet, all were driven to write their own style, beyond any permission of how it was right or wrong.

The Diary of Anne Frank comes to mind. So does Heidi in the Alps, or the Sound of Music. Each of these stories reminds us of a time and people that had to do what they loved in secret. They took tremendous risks to share their stories, thoughts, feelings. They changed the world.

Do We Have Permission to Write What the Animals Are Saying?

What is in here, I wonder?
What is in here, I wonder? | Source
I can smell it is time to eat.
I can smell it is time to eat. | Source

Go Ahead, Write

Do we need permission to some degree?

See results

Just Say So

We don't need anyone's permission to write, but our own. So, next time any one asks, we will say, me, myself and I.

Prepare good stories, send them out. Find out how to write a cover letter. It is all right there online. I have so many books to teach me, just start taking the time to become a writer. So easy to put down here in words, takes longer to find our voice in action.

Allow ourselves to get distracted some days that is okay, get back to writing as soon as you can. Take the time to write Natalie about how much hearing her voice on her books, did she ever ask for permission to write? Yet, she has helped us on this path to ourselves, to our writing life.

Maybe writing takes up all the paper in the world, maybe we need to only write on the internet, or a group of online messages saying we are unique because of all the recycling we do. Make a vow to buy none of our writing paper brand new if we must write free hand.

Yes, we hear it, that a newspaper article could be written on that idea, at least that paper is useful for starting a fire to keep us warm.

Do not, under any circumstances go and do anything else, until you've come back to the page and written down all these new thoughts. We need no one's permission but ourselves.

© 2011 Maree Michael Martin


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    • TolovajWordsmith profile image

      Tolovaj Publishing House 2 years ago from Ljubljana

      Writing is a wonderful hobby and a rewarding business, if you are willing to make few compromises on the way. I am a full time writer for more than two decades now and I can say it can be lonely sometimes. On the other way whole new world of possibilities opens for you and its definitely worth exploring, if you are at least a bit of adventurous person:)

    • Ruby H Rose profile image

      Maree Michael Martin 5 years ago from Northwest Washington on an Island

      Thank you travel_man, it is the timeless masterpieces that count, not the income in the bank. Or how pretty it looks. Yet, they did the best they new how to pour their hearts out. The transitions of marketing and networking. SO much to learn. So much wonderful feedback, thank you very much. Like any creativity, we have the tools, praise be to God for learning how to use them!

    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 5 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      The gift of writing is innate in us, human beings. We just have to convert our verbal expertise into written masterpieces as we appreciate this gift that the Higher Being has given us.

      Just take for instance the Apostles of Jesus Christ who were so inspired that they've written the Word of God, without having college degrees. They were poor men and most of them were illiterate. But they received divine inspiration and produced such timeless masterpiece from our Creator.