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Who I Must Be

Updated on August 30, 2012

Who I Must Be

I am little, oh so little, I need you

for everything. But not to long from

now, I will be crawling and getting

into everything.

I will still need you when I’m two

to help me tie my shoe.

I will be walking by then, skinning up

my shins, and I will still need you to help

me clean up my den.

From then, I will be running in the wind, showing

you who I am. I will still need you to help me

see who I really am.

Next comes school, what a thrill, all by myself

on my own turf learning how to surf the world.

What a big person am I, I can do anything, just you watch and see.

Wow! I’m 16 now, here comes the car.

I can go oh so far.

But Mom, I still need you though, to help console my heart, for the lessons I

must learn, are going to burn.

Just hold me and love me, show me you

care, but don’t smother me for my

soul must be whole and free to see

who I must be.

Karen Elizabeth Moody

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