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Who Is Illegal?

Updated on September 18, 2019

Columbus, Balboa, Cortez and Magellan
Were they explorers or illegal aliens?
In glory today they receive their honor
While those who migrate live undercover
With guns, cannons, a book and disease
The conquerors roamed as they pleased
Cloaked in robes and the King James Bible
Their preachers blessed their triumphant arrival
And what God once spoke to his chosen people
Provided a mandate to kill and erect a steeple
A book of peace was used to justify genocide
As each sailor used words like stars as his guide
Encomienda or slavery no matter the etymology
The rights of others were disposed of too easily
Where pride has no will to understand the poor
The poor will suffer over what pride will ignore
Because when a savage is given no divine right
A civilized man can then justify all his might
They say history is written by the winners
While the vanquished become the sinners
And while destiny manifested further expansion
Their King plundered accusing them of sedition
And the tools that conquered the new land
Were suddenly oppressed by the royal hand
And they demanded rights to avail themselves
While denying those who preceded their travels?
As they lost the treasure stolen from the tribes
They unsheathed a pen sharpened by their scribes
Declaring a nation under God and forever to be ruled
By a new law trampling over those they did not include
And so the race was on from sea to shining sea
As what man became is what a white man decided to be
Writing laws as fast as they sacked those they would rule
Their borders drawn in ink because they were no fools
The lock was set in place north south east and west
America became a place they believed God had blessed
But who believes such a tale spun in such a yarn?
Is it those who live in fear or who can fill their barn?
What God that did not contemplate such a faraway land
Would forget a carpenter had already waved his hand?
What God would forget the sermon on the mount
When the poor walk in bare feet too many to count?
As you consider these words does it draw forth anger
Or remind we cannot steal the promise of the manger?
For no matter your God you must always remember well
The poor and the oppressed are not reserved for hell
You take leave of history’s truth that time did conquer
But as you judge those on the wrong side of the border
There may come a day where you will be out of favor
Then we will know what you believe and who is your savior


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