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Who Says Wisdom Comes with Age

Updated on September 1, 2016

Oh How cute

What once was

What once made me so happy, life has rearranged

What once made so much sense, life has change

What once I had control of , life has taken back

What once I knew in my heart, life has broken to pieces

Today is a different day, because I once had what I knew I wanted

Today is a different day, because what I once had: has grown and moved away

Today is a different day, because what I once knew : life has taught a thing or two

Today is a different day, because what I once had : life has taken away

Today is a different day, because what I once filled my heart with: has been broken away

Happiness today is different than it once was

Happiness today is a smile on my face

Happiness today is comes piece by piece

Happiness today is more work than it once was

Happiness today is just out of reach

What once needed only a piece of the puzzle : now seeks the whole darn thing

What once was missing : didn't need to be found : now the search is to find me

What once was mediocre : is now not good enough

What once was all I needed : now I need more

What once was for everyone else : is a treasure hunt for me

I once believed that time was on my side: now I realize time is what I wasted

I once had patience and perseverance: now I stare at a blank page wondering where to begin

I once got joy from doing for others: I now struggle with doing for myself

I once had faith in myself: and now find questions in my heart

I once wanted support from others: but today want faith in myself

I once was young: today all is new and youth is not an excuse anymore

I once thought age was on my side: today age is not helping at all

I once thought I'll do it when I get older: today I am older and I am not doing it yet

I once thought that I would be there already: today I don't know how to get there from here

I once fought for others and today I fight for me.


Talk the Talk but Walk the Walk?

Advice is easily given, but following it is a road rarely traveled

Younger me could give advice all day long

Older me wishes I would have listened

Follow your dreams, never give up, never quite

Where was I when those words made sense to many

What was I thinking when I would encourage everyone, but me

When did my own words become a knife in my own back

Why were my younger years full of insight that I could not see

Left behind while watching other achieve their goals

Finding less and less advice to give, and no one to give it to

Age is working against the wisdom that should accompany it

Completely satisfied in most aspects of life : except the one that only I can fix

Without regrets only missed opportunities, my life is now my own

Digging down hard to hear the words that so long ago I shared with others

Finding it silently whispering in my heart: I reach a turning point

I can and will achieve: but what is it that I want to achieve

I ask myself this question as though I should know the answer

It all seemed so easy when all that was ahead of me was time

Time to find it, time to look for it, time to seek it, and time to achieve it

Time is no longer in my favor, but how much time do I need to believe again

I do not need permission to believe

I do not need support to achieve

I do not need others to walk that walk

I hear it loud and clear the road is talking to me again

I see it just over the hill and around that corner

I feel it bubbling in my heart

I never forgot what I love to do

I can walk the walk and talk the talk

I will discover me again

Shania Twain says it

Yee Ha

Our Time, Not yet, Then When

First comes marriage than comes children then comes dreams

First comes diapers, than comes talking and walking and no means no

First comes tie the shoes, get on the bus and go to school

First comes, school field trips, sports and music recitals

First comes, teen drama, driving lessons, and first dates

First comes, hormones, first love's and first heartbreaks

First comes, first jobs, moving out, then moving back in

First comes, son-laws, grand baby's, and in- laws

Wait a minute !

Second comes marriage, career changes, moving again

Second comes time earned for each other

Second comes overdo honeymoon, walking around nude, going on a whim

Second comes the golden years

Second comes semi retirement, hot rods, vacations

Second comes rocking in our rocking chair

Wait a minute!

Than comes dreams

Dreams put off for long enough

Than comes starting, not yet

Dreams will have to wait

Than comes try it again

Dreams are getting forgotten

Than comes learn to say no

Dreams are waiting

Than comes learn to say no louder

Dreams are getting lost

Wait a minute!

Now it's time

Remember those dreams

It's never too late

Now it's my time

Wait a minute!

Now it's our time

Time is all we have to worry about don't let it slip away!


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