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Who Was Pacal Votan-CBM

Updated on December 31, 2012
Pacal Votan
Pacal Votan
Easter Island Moai
Easter Island Moai

by Christine B.

Pacal Votan was recorded as being on Earth in the Mayan culture from 603 – 683 AD. Because of his vast knowledge of engineering, mathematics, astronomy and astrology, he was referred to by the Mayans as “The Magician of Time,” The Mayans also referred to Votan as a “Teacher from the Heavens.”

The Mayans left explicit likeness of Votan. They all look the same, and none of them resemble a human. Because of this, many believe Votan to be folklore. If Votan is merely a mythical Mayan hero, why would all idols of him look exactly the same?

Since I am an Erich Von Daniken disciple, take a look at this Easter Island Moai… does it look familiar? The extremely long nose and ears and unusually shaped head resemble the images of Pacal Votan. Mexico is thousands of miles away from Easter Island. In every depiction of Votan I could find the Mayans indicated the prominent nose that goes over a definite skull ledge above the eyes and continues on to under the helmet, which also looks remarkably the same in each depiction of Votan. Both images also indicates a much more pointed skull than a human skull would have. The chins are a bit off, but the other parts of the face look too similar to be coincidental. So what does it mean?

Well, it could mean that Votan was able to travel great distances and because of his vast knowledge of the Universe, he was revered in more than one culture. Since the exact age of the Moai cannot be determined, we couldn’t calculate whether the ancient people of Easter Island could have known Votan before or after the Mayan did. Whoever the people of Easter Island came in contact with, the visitors certainly made an indelible impression upon them!

Votan taught the Mayans many things and they became a great civilization. He told them that all life is linked by the galaxy and is ordered in re-occurring patterns. Votan referred to God as “Hunab-KU” (the great source—the one giver of movements and measure—the galactic core).

Votan is also credited with teaching the Mayan about over 400 stars that are located in the Seven Sisters constellation of the Pleiades, (the Mayan referred to this constellation as Tzab). That was quite a feat since only six stars from that constellation are visible to the naked eye today. Even with our modern technology, the Hubble telescope, and space probes we have not been able to create a more accurate map and understanding of the Universe than that of the Mayans.

There are not several explanations for Votan’s advanced knowledge of mathematics and astronomy; there is only one—he was an extraterrestrial. He is only one of the many Ancient Astronauts that have visited this planet throughout its history and who left a mark on humanity in the process.

Votan is thought to have directed the creation of The Mayan calendar, which is actually a depiction of a time cycle. We are now at the beginning of a new cycle. Too bad Votan cannot tell us what to expect!

The Mayans were also good about writing down Votan’s words of wisdom. "All is numbers—God is a number—God is all"


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