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Who Was This Very Simple Man?

Updated on May 23, 2010


Who was this simple man?

Who was this simple man,
born in a stable
and raised as a carpenter.

A humble Jew from
over 2000 years ago
in a time with no media,
newspapers, nor film at eleven.

Who only lived about
thirty three years on earth
and only a few years
of his adult life
were astounding to all.

His burial place unknown
though they can find
bones of men from
2 million years ago and longer
Yet his grave is but
a guess and empty.

He had only a

small following of
faithful men to aide him
not rich,
never married,
no children,
no real estate,
no chariots,
and golden treasures,
not a king.

Just a simple man
who mingled with
common folk
who walked the earth
long ago,
and yet in every nation
across the entire planet
2000 years later
people still know his name
and whisper it with reverence
and bend their knees
to his glory.

Even atheists cry out
his name in anger or fear,
soldiers beg his mercy
as they lie dying.

Just 12 men spread his fame
and actually gave up their
own lives for a man
everyone else thought dead.

Why would any man die
for a dead messiah
what would be the point
if you watched him die
to even believe anymore?

But they did  believe
for they saw him arise
from death and ascend.

They gave up

their regular lives
and then they traveled
the many lands and wrote books
that survived countless
banning and burnings
and re-translations.

Each of them suffered

horrible martyred style deaths.

Thousands of other Christians
became martyrs in his name
facing lions and death
rather then disclaim him.

Imagine facing the hideous
torture of being eaten alive
by raging lions
or saving yourself
by simply saying
"I am not a Christian."

what would you have done??

Plus what the

 apostles taught
way back then
12 common men
with no publishers
printers or distributors
their words
grew into the vast
millions who love him.

Can you name any other
simple man
with no means
nor royalty
who went so far.

Oh, he truly
must be the messiah
because he came simply
to take on the sacrifices
of all men with his death
for no one today
sacrifices lambs on an altar
as commanded in the Old testament
to cleanse their sins.

So what then is their sacrifice
today in this modern age
if they fail to follow
God's command of old.

God chose a peaceful
early moment in history
to appear and work miracles
and then make himself
an offering for all.

He could not

come in this time
to do these things....
crucifixion is illegal
death sentences require
years of appeal
all over the world.

Blasphemy as he

was charged with
is no longer punishable by death
and yet the Old Testament states
that the messiah would be
born in Bethlehem
and would be a man of sorrows
with holes in his hands
and feet and side.

Not possible today,
besides if he came now
Ted Koppel would make him
a  major Media event
he would be on all the talk shows
and all men would be skeptical
of any miracles in this
age of miracles.

He would be laughed at
and called a fraud
plus logically thinking
if he would have chosen to
come at any other time
in history as
a messiah it would not be now.

Would he not have chosen
instead to come in
1939 to prevent 6 million
Jews and millions of
other humans from perishing??

But he came when

 it was prophesied
by the prophets

Isaiah and others
and did all his wonders
amidst humble tribes of people,
then was killed for it
and went willingly so that all
may have the gift
of forgiveness and life
forever and ever.

This still holds true
2,000 years later.

It is a gift of grace
you only need ask
and he will grant you
forgiveness and eternal life.

Asimple remedy

to all man's woes.

Why would God make it hard
when mens hearts
are so easily hardened?

Just think about it logically
and see the light
that still glows
all these many years later
then follow it to peace.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~©-2001-MFB III


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    • Debarshi Dutta profile image

      Debarshi Dutta 

      8 years ago from Calcutta

      To die is to lose faith.

      To die is not to learn.

      To die is to lose conviction.

      It is indeed difficult to be alive, and I always would know that I am alive if Jesus could judge me and throw me to the lions as punishment..I could have been saved, but as it is Jesus chose a stricter punishment for me , he chose to let me forget what I learnt, he chose that I should live and sin and be beyond redemption.

      He chose that I should live and sin as I please, he chose that only I should decide how right I am in doing so.

      And indeed I do not have an everlasting life and whatever life I do have do not mean much either, without faith without hope and all my love lie wasted, compromised,...

      I do not blame anything except the fact of our existence.

      What we live with, determines who we are.

      I know not which was the greater crime against humanity, the massacre of the Jews or the droppings of the atom bombs.

      But it was humanity which made it possible and whatever becomes possible remains a possibility.

      Even Jesus would be powerless and without a choice in a nuclear world.

      Our sense of disquiet and our lack of faith is not a lack of sincerity but the experience of possibility..Jesus was burdened by a cross and sins of human history until AD 33 ..AD 2010 would not make Jesus possible for humanity...At most we can have someone as sincere and saintly as you are Sir, and I do not strive too much and take it all on yourself...there's no need to shout yourself are indeed a great soul and there's really not much you can do that what you have already do and keep on doing.

      You keep my faith alive, my hope alive and my convictions alive and we who are your readers can reinforce your faith in us.

      I admire and respect you really and truly and in 21st century Jesus is difficult..In all practicality and reality at most we can hope for someone like you to help and guide us..and that humbles me and makes me grateful I am grateful on behalf of all those for whom you feel concerned and responsible.

      There's nothing more that can be done...we can stay in good company and not make mistakes and that is our choice.

      Please forgive me if anything I wrote offends you, I am not characteristically rude even though I might appear to be. I am far too pessimistic about the 21st century...and I still remember how optimistic I used to be in the 1990s.

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      8 years ago from Southern Illinois


      Iv,e never understood why the Jews had to suffer as they did, only God knows.

      God Bless

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 

      8 years ago from Houston, Texas

      A hub about a Simple Man who CHANGED HISTORY FOREVER! Well done!


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