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Who Was Val Valiant Thor?

Updated on February 2, 2013

by Christine B.

In 1957 an alien who referred to himself as Val Valiant Thor arrived on this planet in a spaceship. His arrival was kept top secret and it was not reported to the public. A man named Dr. Frank Strange has come forward with his story. He was reportedly with President Eisenhower and Vice President Nixon at three meetings with Valiant Thor and two alien females.

At these meetings Thor told the people present that he was from the plant we referred to as Venus. He and the two female aliens that accompanied him are reported to have been on this planet for three years.

At the time, Dr. Strange was a government consultant and that is why he was asked to be present at the meetings in New Mexico. He claims to have kept in contact with the aliens after they left our planet in 1960.

Author and Lecturer on our contact with alien races, Timothy Good claims that President Eisenhower signed an agreement with a race of aliens we refer to as the “Greys.” He was also a Pentagon consultant at the time and claims that he too was present for these meetings. Communication between Thor (and his alien companions) and the President and those who also attended the meetings was achieved telepathically. Good also claims that the space ship that landed in Virginia not far from the White House had a crew of 200 aboard it and that Valiant Thor was the ship’s captain.

Have aliens come to this planet and interacted with the world leaders? There is a great deal of information that supports this. Eventually all of this information will come to light.

Timothy Good lectures around the country about UFOs and Top Secret Government UFO Secrets. Here is a link to one of his lectures:

Another interesting YouTube Video on this event:


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