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Who Were the Cloud People of Peru?

Updated on December 30, 2013

by Christine B.

In ancient Peru there was a legend that the Inca people passed on from generation to generation regarded a blond-haired, blue-eyed and light-skinned people they called the “Chachapoyas,” which translates to “Cloud People.” The reason they were called the Cloud People was because they were said to have lived in the mountains among the low clouds and mists of the higher elevations.

The legend became real, however when scientists discovered a previously considered lost fortified city deep in the Peruvian rain forests of the Andes. The lost city was here-to fore so difficult to find because it was tucked away in one of the most elevated and remote areas of the Amazon.

The civilization was believed to be wiped out by disease and other warring nations in the 16th century, but that is speculation.

The statues and carvings that the Cloud People left behind, along with several mummified remains that have been found, gave the scientists and archaeologists a clue as to what the civilization looked like. Five mummies that still had their blond hair inside the wrappings were found in an underground burial vault not far from the main encampment.

The 12-acre village was made up of circular stone dwellings. Platforms were also discovered, which are believed to have been used to grind plants and seeds for food and medicine.

So, where did these white-faced, blond haired people come from? The other cultures in the area were and still are black haired and dark skinned. Why did they live in such a secluded area, as if they did not want to be found? Some scientists believe that they were a long lived group of ancient aliens.


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