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Who is Superman's best enemies, villians, foes? Lex Luthor Vs General Zod Vs Doomsday Vs Brainiac Vs Bizzaro Vs Darkseid

Updated on October 27, 2013

What makes Superman so super? Is it his speed or invulnerability to any attack or is it the fact that he deals with super villains in such an incredible way. I personally believe this is the reason behind his success.

So, with so many outstanding baddies Superman has to combat for our safety, who is your favourite?

Lex Luthor
Lex Luthor | Source

Lex Luthor's abilities

The most dangerous weapon at a persons disposal - a massive intellect.

Is your favourite superman villain Lex Luthor?

Lex Luthor is considered to be Superman's number 1 enemy of all time. But will he be yours?

He is a genius gone bad. He uses his intellect to gain power and wealth for his own needs. Although he has had many different backgrounds from a scientist to an industrialist to a criminal he has always had this trait and uses it rather than strength to gain advantage over his enemies.

What makes Luthor so scary is the fact that he is a normal human and yet he has tested Superman's abilities to the maximum on several occasions. He one mission in life is to destroy Superman to show the world how superior he is to everyone else.

He usually appears as a bald business man with great wealth and power although he has sometimes been seen with a powerful exoskeleton to help him defeat superman. He is always ruthless, efficient and creative in his ways to achieve his ambition.

He despises the Man of steel because he contradicts everything he has achieved in his life and therefore has to prove to himself that he is the one who is superior.

General Zod
General Zod | Source

General Zod's abilities

Superhuman strength, speed, agility, reflexes, and stamina.

Laser beams can shoot from his eyes, and he can also see through most things apart from lead.

He is virtually indestructible and of course possesses the same abilities as Superman.

Is General Zod your favourite?

General Zod was once a general in the Kryptonian Army. He had ambitions above his station however, and tried to take over the planet because he had little respect for the council. He was stopped though and punished for his crimes by being banished to the Phantom zone - a barren wasteland used as a prison by the Kryptonites in another dimension. However, prisoners never grow old or die and can watch events occur in the original dimension but are unable to interact with these occurrences.

This was the reason he survived the planet's destruction. He escaped the prison once the planet blew up as it became unstable. His first mission was to find a new home and he chose Earth. He set about taking over our planet and was thwarted by Superman.

He is currently serving in the new Krypton military which has a priority of rebuilding the 'new Krypton'. Zod is frequently an enemy of Superman and possesses the same abilities as him. But Zod is cold and heartless; he sees Superman's compassion for humans as a weakness.

Doomsday | Source

Doomsday's abilities

Doomsday is invulnerable and as well as super strength, speed and leaping ability.

He is also more powerful than any Kryptonite with his senses and regeneration ability but what makes him more deadly than any other foe is that he can resurrect himself after death and become immune to that kind of death.

How about the monster that killed Superman - Doomsday?

A creation of Kryptonian genetic engineering, Doomsday is a mindless, murdering monster. He, if we can call him that, was held in a metallic cell miles underground but he escaped his prison and dug his way up. Once on the surface he killed and destroyed everything he could touch.

Being incredibly powerful, he easily defeated the justice league before confronting Superman. During this infamous battle he beat the Man of Steel to death through sheer strength- killing him. Lucky for the citizens of Earth, Doomsday also was killed during the battle. With their last breaths, Superman and Doomsday both hit each other with one powerful blow in the gut which killed them both, or so people thought ...

However, once Doomsday is killed he has the ability to heal himself and become immune to that type of killing again. This takes a good deal of dorment time though.

Brainiac | Source

Brainiac's abilities

Uses numerous advanced weaponary but along with that he has a very methodical and logical intelligence that was even greater than his creators.

Is Brainiac your favourite?

Vril Dox is his original name but he is known as The Brain interactive Construct on Kryton, or Brainiac on Earth. He is a robotic supervillian. We have seen him more times than most villians apart from Lex Luthor.

He is infamous throughout Kyrpton for the shrinking of the city of Kandor and then preserving it amoungst different planets.

Coming from the planet Colu, he has green skin but is huminiod in appearance. He is the most high-tech of all Superman's enemies. Using advanced spacecraft and weapons he is a dangerous foe. It is often stated that he has a 'level 12 intelligence' bent of gaining servitude and utter annihilation of life.

He has been portraded a few times where he has 'bodies' left in secure places where he can transfer his consciousness.

He has teamed up with Lex Luthor on a few occations to achieve their common goal however because they often backstab each other they rarely get far.

Bizzaro | Source

Bizzaro's abilities

Bizzaro is the opposite to Superman so:

  • He has Freeze vision instead of heat vision.
  • Flame breath instead of freeze breath.
  • Bizarro X-ray vision, so he can only see through lead!
  • Bizzaro telescopic vision, so he can see a short distance behind him instead of long distances in front of him.
  • Vacuum breath instead of super breath.

Is Bizzaro your favourite?

Bizzaro is a duplicate of the Man of Steel, which is one reason why he is so popular.

Lex Luthor managed to get his hands on some genetic material from Superman. With this he was able to clone him, hoping to pitch them in battle. However, the process was meant for human cloning and therefore the creature that was made was confused and twisted.

Bizzaro is a supervillian that does not rival Superman in his powers or his wit, in fact he is stupid and will try to do 'good deeds'. These always end up in chaos though and not how he intended.

Due to this stupidity though, other supervillians use him and trick him into doing their deeds. It is when this happens that he becomes a threat to Superman.

He is very much the opposite to Superman and his powers translate as such.

Darkseid | Source

Darkseid's abilities

The Omega beam is a powerful weapon that can stop almost anything. On top of this though he also possesses superhuman strength, agility, regeneration, speed and sight.

He rivals Superman in many of his powers and many more.

He is also very intelligent which is the best weapon any person can have.

Is Darksein your favourite?

Uxas rose to power through blood and force. It is unsure how he evolved into the embodiment of evil that he is now apart from this simple fact and the fact that he killed his own mother to control Apokolips, then he killed his brother for the right to rule. He was now considered a God upon Ragnarok, his planet of origin, and took up his God name: Darkseid.

Darkseid took a wife early on and had a son. She became terrified that the queen may corrupt their son. The queen had her assassinated so Darkseid poisoned her and turned his back on love forever.

Darkseid now represented one of the new Gods, and his purpose now was to eliminate the free will within the universe. Through this he could control everything. His spawn armies keep prisoners to experiment on to serve his prime goal of finding the anti-life equation.

His body seems to be made from stone making him very hard to hurt. He also uses his omega beam to shoot rays out of his eyes that can turn corners to hit his target. This ray disintegrates any that enter the beam. He also has other abilities like Supermans.

Darkseid has never been defeated by Superman and vice-a-versa. Darkseid simply retreats in a 'boom tube' if things are going bad. Although Darkseid was killed by his son at one point, although with him returning to life might show that he is immortal.

Who is superman's best enemy?

See results

Superman is one of the greatest superheros of all time but to go with him are some of the greatest supervillians of all time. Most people have heard of Lex Luthor and General Zod from the films but if your a comic book fan you know his enemies go far further than that, even one that actually killed superman - my favourite probably for this reason. An enemy so powerful that he can actually kill Superman - wow!

So you have had a read of the supervillians history and seen what they look like so now all that is left is to vote on which one is your favourite.


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    • seigfried23 profile image


      5 years ago

      Great hub. Doomsday, by far. Darkseid has actually had his clock cleaned by Superman on more than one occasion.

    • profile image

      Carlton oneal 

      5 years ago

      lex luthor' s company's creation ,named amazo,(pre-space,but,post space,was the worse until he joined thrown justice league). black Adam with the elemental magic powers of the Egypt gods.pure plane of existence magic powers of Satan kingdom,with demons.impierex(pre,to,post forms).


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