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Who are the people in your Hub! neighborhood? (part 1)

Updated on September 15, 2011

Another great idea stumbled upon

Like most interesting things, I happened to stumble upon this great subject. How can I be so sure is a great subject? Because is about you! Yes, you hubber!!! Who are the people in Hubpages?

Have to confess though, I was really looking for my ranking within the Hubpages community. All of my, let's see, now seven hubs and whoa! 12, no... 13 followers must count for something within the Hubuniverse! Hub is for humble... right... :-) So I start clicking through my neighbor hubbers, starting of course with the 100 raters... Brace yourselves...

Disclaimer: Let's start by stating that Hubpages is composed so far by 220,000 hubbers (not counting peeps). Even though HP pales against mogul Facebook population, this is to state that this article is in no way an attempt of being thorough and detailed as of EVERY HUBBER... If I left you out, write me off your will, I'll understand. This post just shows where did my mouse clicked and my eyes glanced... and well, who I decided to follow... Not that the rest do not deserve to be followed, gosh! aren't we touchy? Ready to snoop in one stop?

Mirror mirror on the Hub? Who has the highest score of them all?
Mirror mirror on the Hub? Who has the highest score of them all?

Who's the fairest one of all?

It all begins with the 100 raters, and how can you pass by Ms Patty Inglish MS without making a comment? I'd go further to suggest you Google her. If you are looking for an example to follow in regards to marketing and promoting your hubs, she got it. But I'm not obsessed with her yet, there's also Maddie Ruud and Isabella Snow. I do not care how cliche I sound here, but these are not mere writers, these are true personalities. Ghost32 Love the pic! I now follow viking305 for his well structured stories and Storytellersrus for her heartfelt ones.

All of these high raters have one thing in common, they have worked at their profiles within the World Wide Web. They are a personna displaying a strong web presence. You can Google any of them and you will find them. They really took ownership of their user names!

Humanity in a Profile

Nothing like a life related story to distract me from my mission of knowing where I stand within the Hubpages community. There's Christopher Dapo, cracking me up with his "Never mind" profile. Georgetta made me want to hug her as she relates how she is "quadriplegic over 30 years ago and teaches part-time..." very inspiring... Then there's Zakmoonbeam, I love the enthusiasm that saturates this profile: "Guess who's back!"

My rating is around the 80s, so I have to click by leaps... In comes Dense, a funny tree hugger (sorry, I love nature, but will never get that, please, educate me) and LittleNell... For some reason Kj8 sounds utterly famliar...

Some hubbers came to this website for an extra stream of income, others laugh at the 15 cents they've received in the last two or three years. I've got eight cents! Many express in their profiles a true or a regained passion for writing. While a few claim to be very successful in their businesses or professions and wanting to share their wisdom through their hubs. A couple of smart ones use their hubs to redirect readers to their product or service (don't like those much for some reason). In any event, I find the different walks of life amazing.

Wrath Warbone, relates to be "unemployed and looking for pocket money". Jenna Pope (also sounds familiar) claims to be a writer for 10 years now. Animekid is so young at heart, he is 53 years young and "married for 28 years to the same wonderful woman." Aww!!!

Dixie Mockingbird, has one of the most hilarious postings. Claims "won't post techniques or recipes he/she hasn't done herself"... check out his hub: "How to Boil an Egg".

I wish I could have a mental picture of the life of Rembrandz, a creative director that works between Dubai and India... fascinating.

Looking at my notes, it would not be fair to cram the rest of my list in here... Please stay tuned for the second part. You might be listed!

If you don't, well, thanks for reading until the end, and know that the things that cling us together are still far from culture or religion... Hubbers, writers in general, are a rare breed indeed. A lonely race, yet so many of us out there!


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    • CrazyGata profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Puerto Rico

      :) isn't it awesome? I get much energy from these kind of relationships... knowing of other's paths... Truly amazing! Trying to find about myself, I found a hubuniverse! hahaha!!! Thank you for your comment!

    • lambservant profile image

      Lori Colbo 

      7 years ago from Pacific Northwest

      What a great hub. When I first signed up for Hubpages, my sole purpose was to write about things I thought people might want to hear, and to gain exposure. I had no idea going in I would find such a network of wonderful writer friends and zillions of interesting things to read and learn. There are some really colorful people, some very inspirational people, and some very intersting people. I am following several professionals, in various types of businesses (dr's. veterinarian, ministers, psychologists, etc). I spend more time hubhopping (which is how I found you btw) then I do writing lately. I am following a few of your hubbers, and will check out some more. Blessings.

    • CrazyGata profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Puerto Rico

      thank you! It was fun writing it! will keep you posted!

    • The RV Guy profile image

      The RV Guy 

      7 years ago from Somewhere In America

      Look forward to the follow up! Nicely done.


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