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My Home Across the Street (Poem)

Updated on August 27, 2015

My home across the street


Birds flying above my head, singing songs, as I dread

All alone, away from home,

Restless, as I continue to moan

Those were the days I didn’t yet knew,

The days I had a different view,

But now, those days were before,

Difficult days, where my uniform I first wore

Years after years, memories so dear

Challenges; accepted and won,

Though sometimes, discouragement were never gone

Science, math, English and art

The wonders of learning, will always be close to my heart

Inside of a four cornered wall was a world of its own

Where I laughed, cried, and smiled,

A world I can never outgrown

Beyond those walls were more,

Together with my friends, as we ran and soar!

Building up each other,

Having each other’s back,

Classmates, who will always share their favorite snack,

It may have its thorns; I might have called it a bore

But it’s more than that, but a highway leading to open doors

When I was a kid, as small as I can be,

Terrified was I, when my mom told me,

That I, in a box, I would sit,

But now, I will always love my home across the street




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