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Restless Mind

Updated on August 15, 2017
Thereseml profile image

My style of writing is one that leaves a lot to the reader's imagination. I hope you enjoy reading the stories.


Since he was a boy Jack had a very active mind. He just kept thinking about everything. Sometimes he would over think. As he grew, he tried to control it. He would distract himself by taking long walks in the woods. He enjoyed the peaceful scene of the lake.

The woods were close to home, so Jack could walk there without getting to tired. Jack loved how the Evergreens made him feel smaller and he began thinking again. This time he could hear his thoughts so well that it sounded as if someone was talking to him.

Messages from within

Jack thought that he was receiving messages through his mind. He heard someone say "Jack you must do it." He did not understand why he would be thinking this way. He heard it again saying "Go for it take the prize." Jack was completely confused and thought Why would I get these messages. What is it they want me to do?

Jack started making a list of things he had forgotten over years. One thing crossed his mind. He thought the messages could come from old memories. It would make sense since he was involved in many sports games and his parents would encourage him to win. He wrote down what the messages were and found that some of them did not have anything to do with his memories.

It is writen

The messages he recorded sounded very strange to him. One of them he remembered the voice sounding like an echo from a well saying" You who walks alone in this forest. You who gives me no notice. You who walks on my ground. You who makes all the sound." Jack wanted to Know where it was coming from.

He decided to look into these messages and respond back to them. So Jack took his paper and pen to record every answer.

The Answer

Jack asked "Who are you ?" The voice answered" I am above/ You do not notice who I am/ My eyes are blue and true/ I should be asking you who are you." He did not understand so he asked "Why are you talking to me?" It said " Your ears listen as I speak your mind is restless. As you look at your feet you will see there is no street/ I look at you from above/ I wear white like a dove. Still why do you ask who I am?" Jack looked around. No one was there to be found. He thought the forest is pretty big. I don't know how I am going to find where this voice is coming from.

The tree

He heard the voice again saying "Why are you looking everywhere except in my direction? I told you where I was and still you do not know where I am. I am above you. I can see your troubled and restless mind. I am not in the sky." Jack looked up and saw a beautiful woman climbing down a tree. He asked her " Why are you hiding from me? Of all the places you picked a tree." The woman answered " I knew it would be the last place you looked. I pass you by and all you have is your feet in your vision. You should look up more and enjoy the outdoors. You never know what beauty your eyes will behold."


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