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Who he be

Updated on September 20, 2016

He almost got me

He tried to trick me

But the Lord

Would not let him get me.

He comes in many shapes,

He comes in all sizes

He stood right in front of me

But still I was blinded.

He comes out when you begin to lose faith

He tries to tempt you to go his way.

He tried to do it to Jesus

He tried to do it to me

He continues to test you

Close your eyes and see.

He makes you feel shameful

He tell many lies

He wants your soul

He wants your spirit to die.

He knows that your faith is strong

He knows with the Lord you belong.

He knows your desires

He knows your sin

He knows you have to fight him

He knows the Lord will win.

He knows your faith in the Lord will set you free

He knows all this

And Satan is who he be


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