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Who is the author of a hub?

Updated on February 3, 2016

Who? me! No, it is fallacy!

This time, i chose to deviate from my pet subjects of philosophy and spirituality but i will not say that there is no connection to philosophy! Some of my readers might have formed the outline in their mind. If I claim, "I write the hubs', it is supreme fallacy. At least in my case, I never plan the subject or theme beforehand. I have pointed out in some of my hubs, 'I simply open a blank word document and face it for few minutes. I never make any attempt to squeeze my mind for a comfortable topic. It won't be long that a word or phrase flash through my mind and I type the same as though there is a dictation goes on in my mind. My task is to simply type the same!

Now contemplate and tell me whether I am the author of the hub, I type? This is frankly what I did for my 700 and odd hubs, so far I have typed in the hub pages for the past four years or so! Only after typing the entire hub, which may be around 750 words on an average, I complete the same adding some appropriate pictures from google images. Only afterwards, I go through the entire hub and many times I wondered how the topic evolved para after para?

Of course, I don't deny the fact that from my fifteenth year, I was interested in reading very beautiful books on saints, sages, philosophers and their teachings. This, I feel is the continuation of my interest in spirituality and philosophy from my previous births, which is my assumption,since I believe in rebirths and reincarnations.I was fortunate to read about Shirdi Saibaba from my earliest years and later my interest shifted to "Advaita philosophy". Hence I started reading about Swami Vivekananda, Sri Ramakrishna, Sri Ramatirtha, Sri Sivananda, Sri Ramana and even about Jesus Christ and other great souls. I was also attracted to Mahatma Gandhi and Buddha for their ideal life and their aversion to mundane goals.

I have personally experienced that 'money' is one evil attraction, one must try to curb it. Of course, I clearly understand that money is the basic necessity of life which can fetch food, clothing, shelter, conveyance, medicines and other essentials. But what I consider as evil is the greed and insatiable urge to garner money more and more. There is a limit to our needs. We need not possess luxurious items. But, at the same time, to lead a dignified and balance life, whatever is required, we need to gather. In addition, we need to take care of our families and look after their requirements, education of children and provide them at least minimum comforts. This can not be termed as greed or indulgence. But, constructing mansions, possession of a fleet of costly limousines and a retinue of servants and cooks; this I consider extravagance and pure selfishness.

Such wealthy people never bother about the poor, deprived on the streets. They waste enormous quantity of rich food which is put in garbage bins. Instead, they may consider giving the extra food on the tables to the poor in the streets. They may have twenty or more rooms in their mansions. They may use hardly one or two for their immediate use. Why maintain such huge palaces when many people stay in the platforms. These are all small things, every one should contemplate. Offer food to the needy, cloths to the deprived and medicines to the poor people who can not afford costly medicines! Not only in India, everywhere in the world, people waste the resources which could be used by others.

Have I tarried away from my topic? Well, since i don't plan the hub and it is the outcome of the dictation, which I have mentioned earlier. Strictly speaking, I may not consider the author of this little hub, since I use my account to type this. Now tell me, who is the real author of this hub?

Again, I will say that all the faculties and instruments of cognition is a real gift of God to everyone and it is He who prompts everyone to perform. Philosophically, claiming 'doer ship' is not tenable. The Lord says in the Bagawat Gita" Oh! Arjuna, do not think that you are going to kill the opposing army. They are already slain by me! Be thou my instrument and fight!

With this meaningful interaction, I conclude the typing exercise!



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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 21 months ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      I really appreciate your apt comments which flow effortlessly from your heart.

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 21 months ago from london

      It's good to feel oneself as an instrument of Something Higher, true. A combination of self-effort and the Grace of the One flowing together. All is the Mother's. Nimita Matram Bhava savyasacchin. Be thou a mere instrument. Hari Om!