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Who is the best DC comic superhero? Batman Vs Superman Vs Green lantern Vs Wonderwoman

Updated on October 21, 2013
Who is your favourite superhero?
Who is your favourite superhero? | Source

DC comics is home to the worlds greatest superheros. Batman, Superman, Spiderman and Wonder woman to name but a few. They all fight for justice and to protect us meer mortals but who gets your vote for the best ever?

Batman is amazing
Batman is amazing | Source

Does Batman get your vote?

Over the years, Batman has took many guises and been played by many different people. This ever popular superhero is one who is loved by many.

We all know that the Batman was witness to his parents murder, a fact that will always endear alot of people to his cause. But is this why he is a firm favourite with many superhero fans?

Batman is the alter-ego of Bruce Wayne, a Billionaire who tries very hard to help the people of Gotham city with business ventures that benefit their way of life. On the flip side of his character, Batman does everything in his power to stop crime and stop people who take advantage of others. A double hit on the gutter culture that infests Gotham city. Although this is a massive task for one man, Gotham city is a far better place for the efforts of this amazing man.

What I love about this superhero, and what probably makes him my favourite, is probably the fact that he is a normal man. With extensive training in martial arts and using the vast resources at his disposal in terms of money and the technology that he can get his hands on is what he fights crime with. But he is still just a normal man!

Superman is cool
Superman is cool | Source

Or does Superman get your vote?

Superman is another immensely popular superhero. He is also one that has seen many different reincarnations in films and books. The main story is one that doesn't change however .

As a young baby, Kal-El (Superman) was saved, as his home planet (Krypton) was destroyed, by his parents. They sacrificed themselves to save their little boy. A fact that many parents can totally understand. He was then adopted by a loving family and given the name of Clark Kent. During his childhood he discovered his powers but this loving family, especially his adoptive father, encouraged him to hide this because they wanted to protect him. This changed when his adoptive father died when Clark was a young man. Since that day, he has used his powers of super fast flight, of super laser eyes, of being super indestructible, of super speed and of super hearing in the way he was brought up - to help others in anyway he can.

Clark Kent pretends to be a clumsy geek character to try and hide his true identification, and working in a newspaper office he can find out what is happening in the world so he is more informed to know how he can help others.

One great thing about Superman though, is the fact that he really is what us humans should be more like. He is so good. He helps and cares for everyone around him, and he would easily put himself out if it meant that he thought it benefit others. A true fighter for justice and good in this world.

Does the Green Lantern get your vote?
Does the Green Lantern get your vote? | Source

How about the Green Lantern?

The history and backdrop to the Green Lantern is alot more complicated to that of the other superheroes. It starts with a hotshot test pilot, Hal Jordan, who is enrolled into an intergalactic police force known as the Green Lantern Corps, who were created by a race of immortal aliens known as the guardians of the universe, who live at the centre of everything.

Each member has a power ring, which can allow the user to create a green energy that can do anything the user imagines. It also has other powers like translating languages, gives the user the ability to fly and provides limited invulnerability.

And so he fights for justice in alien worlds all over the universe. A great superhero for those who love fantasy worlds and want a bit more than them just being stuck on Earth.

Is Wonderwoman the perfect woman?
Is Wonderwoman the perfect woman? | Source

Will Wonder woman get your vote?

Now I know that Wonder Woman has a distinct disadvantage in this poll because this superhero has not really been around in the movies for a long time. Not since the 70's have we seen this female superhero on our screen properly.

So why have I included her in this poll? Well, we all like a strong female character, and it we should be reminded that it is not only men who are that good.

I have to admit this is the only character I had to look up on the background too because it has been such a long time since I have seen her and yet she is the character which proceeded all those great female characters in the movies like Buffy or any of the strong female disney characters.

Wonder Woman is of a race of immortal Amazons from Green mythology. She is discovered by a pilot who crash lands on the warriors secluded island paradise and escorts him home.

She is far from impressed by the cynical world we live and so sets out to help us and show us a better way. She relys on her superhuman strength and speed as well as a few cool gadgets to fight crime - the bulletproof bracelets and her Golden Lasson of Truth.

Flash deserves a mention too
Flash deserves a mention too | Source

And included by popular demand - Flash

A good friend of the Green Lantern, The Flash is a superhero with super-speed. In fact he has often raced Superman to see who is the fastest - most of the time this ends in a tie. His superpowers isn't just about moving at speed though, he can think, read and react at incredible speeds. A really cool way he shows how fast he can move is when he vibrates; this is done at such a speed that he can actually walk through walls.

There have actually been several Flash's over the years, each with a different alter ego. There has been Jay Garrick, the original Flash who got his powers by inhaling heavy water vapors after falling asleep in his science lab.

Next came Barry Allen, who got his powers when a lightning bolt hit his lab and splashed chemicals on him. Wally West was the next flash, he got his powers at the age of 10 when he visited Uncle Barry Allen. Again a chemical splash was the cause for his super powers.

Bart Allen, Barry Allen's grandson, was actually born with Super-speed but this came at a price as the aging process was also speeded up.

The Flash's battle against an ememy called The Rogues. This radical group is lef by Captain Cold, who uses a freeze gun - a deadly weapon against the Flash as it could slow him down or even stop him.

Who is your favourite DC comic superhero?

See results

Yes there are alot more superheros that DC comics invented but the four I included here are probably four of the most famous superheros of all time.

So you have had a read of the history of each character. You have seen their pictures. Now it is time to vote which one of these characters is youir favourite.

My personal favourite is Batman as I love the idea that he does not have any super powers and yet he does fight crime in such a way they don't stand a chance - and I might sound a little like superbad but does that mean that anyone could do it if they had his skills and money?


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    • Taranwanderer profile image

      Taranwanderer 3 years ago

      Nice hub but...frankly, any team with Superman on it takes the cake easily lol - just check out what he'd probably do to Hulk here:

    • profile image

      rmcmillen 4 years ago

      The geek in me would love to see justice done for so many comic book superheroes........... but especially the Justice League as a whole.

    • help for teachers profile image

      help for teachers 4 years ago from England

      Story writing for movies is getting alot better so lets hope the Flash is given justice as he is such a great character.

    • profile image

      rmcmillen 4 years ago

      Sorry about missing the GL..... that's what I get for reading such a great hub on a topic that I love......................... but trying to multitask at the same time!

      That crap never works for me and I shoulda known better.

      As far as the Flash movie? I've loved the Flash since I was a kid, but I'm very hesitant to get too excited about a full movie dedicated to him..... I just don't see the origin story as being enough to keep our attention for upwards of two hours.

    • help for teachers profile image

      help for teachers 4 years ago from England

      The green Lantern was already included in this hub, mainly due to the successful movie so the general public would know about him. I have now included the Flash because of how popular he seems - he should have a movie of his own - but the good news guys is that this movie is in the early development stage. Lets hope it is as good as recent superhero movies.

      Thanks for your feedback guys, I can always edit these hubs if needed to make them more interesting for you.

    • profile image

      rmcmillen 4 years ago

      It really depends on taste..... for me its always been a tie between Batty and Supes for soooooooo many reasons........... however to not include Green Lantern, Flash or any number of others is kinda shorting them just a tad if you ask me.......

    • help for teachers profile image

      help for teachers 4 years ago from England

      The superheros included are the ones that most people will know about and not just us super fans lol. But these great superheroes do need mentioning so thanks.

    • Geekdom profile image

      Geekdom 4 years ago

      I am surprised you did not include Flash or Aquaman.