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Who is the best Spiderman enemy, baddie, villain?Green & Hobgoblin Vs Doctor Octopus Vs Venom Vs Sandman Vs Kingpin

Updated on November 7, 2013

Spiderman has some of the best known baddies in any comics. They are instintly recognisable and loved by fans all over the globe.

Many of Spiderman's enemies have come to be via accidents involving scientific experiments or the misuse of such technology. These are powerful villians because they are obviously intelligent due to the nature of their jobs. Others have taken on animalistic characteristics like Spiderman himself. They are just as powerful as their animal cousins too. No matter who Spiderman faces he is always tasked with a great fight on his hands.

One thing I love about Spiderman's baddies is the fact that each one is a deep character - they all have great personalities as well written as Spiderman's himself.

It is a tough call to know who my favourite is because there are so many good ones from the mad Green Goblin, to the brilliant Doctor Octopus. From the evil version of Spiderman himself, Venom to the ordinary and yet evil that is the Kingpin.

Maybe you can help me out in picking a favourite by reading this hub and choosing your favourite in the poll at the end.

The Green Goblin
The Green Goblin | Source

The Green Goblin attributes

He has enhanced intellect as well as strength from his failed experiment even if this lead to his insanity. He also has great agility.

When he is in his suit this allows greater healing ability as well as use a variety of weapons at his disposal, the most famous is his bombs he throws from great heights using his flight wing.

Will the Green Goblin be your favourite?

Norman Osborn, Aka the Green Goblin, was a powerful buisinessmen with a vast empire at his disposal. A millionairre that could buy anything money could get. But as too many wealthy people find out, it was never enough.

Through his company he started to develop an experimental injection that could enhance a soldier's strength, endurance and intelligence for the US military. They experimented on rodents with some disturbing side effects which led to Norman's collegue to state it was too dangerous to test on Human subjects. With the pressure and deadlines from the military inspectors breathing down his neck Norman went ahead and tested it on himself.

This enhanced his intellect and strength however, it also turned him into a twisted, perverse and insane version of himself. He killed his collegue and then steals a very sophisticated combat suit and experimental flight wing. He then calls himself the Green Goblin. This was due to the colour of the combat suit and also his favourite colour.

He then went on a rampage of terror; murdering business rivals and anyone considered to be inferior to him. Spiderman stops this, but their first battle ends in a stale-mate. It was eventually stopped when Spidey broke the Green Goblin's flight wing.

The Green Goblin wanted Spiderman to join him after this battle because he reminded him of himself - smart and powerful. However, Spiderman refused and then a bitter and viscious rivalry occurred.

Using his cunning and resources Norman did figure out Spidey's alter ego, Peter Parker, who was also non other than his son's best friend. Using this knowledge he sets out to terrorise all of Peter's loved ones including Mary Jane Watson, who he kidnapped and challenged Spidey. After holding Mary Jane hundreds of feet over freezing water he famously tells Spidey "only fools are heroes because at any moment some maniac could come along with a sadistic choice" before dropping her. To his rage Spidey does save her and defeats him.

In a mock up of this battle the Green Goblin captured another girlfriend of Peters, Gwen and took her to the Brooklyn Bridge. There he threw Gwen from the bridge and this time she died during the fall. Filled with rage he attacked the Green Goblin so savagely he took him to an inch of his life. He stopped at the last minute as compassion took back control. However, the Green Goblin took advantage of this and tried to impale Spidey with his wing. Using his spider senses he dodged the attack at the last second for it to impale the Goblin himself and kill him , ending his rain of terror for now!

He was such a great villain that many have copied his exploits.

The Hobgoblin
The Hobgoblin | Source

Hobgoblin's abilities

Superhuman strength, agility, stamina and reflexes because of the improved 'Goblin' injection.

Due to his suit he also has the ability to heal easier and has use of plenty of weapons as well as having the ability to fly with the goblin glider.

He is also a skilled scientist and uses drug induced mind control on his enemies. His massive intellect also allows him to out maneuver a lot of people.

Maybe the Hobgoblin is more your type of villain

Roberick Kingsley, a millionaire fashion designer, became obsessed with the Green Goblin and wanting to re-create his legacy after acquiring his notes on the experiment. However, he did not want to be effected by the same insanity as Howard Osborn did when trying the injection so he carried on to experiment and perfect it.

Kingsley decided to test it on a thug named Arnold Donovan. Arnold then went onto attack Spiderman, while Kingsley watched in anticipation, disguised as the Hobgoblin. After Spidey defeated him Kingsley remote-controlled the goblin glider to crash and kill him before Spidey could learn of his plans.

Assessing this experiment as a success he injected himself and became even stronger than the Green Goblin and remained sane to boot. But this kind of manipulation of others is a trait for Kingsley as he brainwashed a few people to 'play' the part of Hobgolblin while he pulled the strings from a far. This not only allowed him to protect his identity but also showed a great intellect that made him a very powerful enemy of Spidey.

He has even battled the Green Goblin when he was found alive and well, but you know with this character that he always has his own agenda to play to.

Doctor Octopus
Doctor Octopus | Source

Doctor Octopus' abilities

He is known for his telepathic control of his mechanical tentacles, which he can still control when they are not attached to his body. These can be used as delicate pincers, helping him in his research and work or can also be used as deadly weapons against any enemy.

He is also a brilliant man with a great intellect so is a deadly opponent to Spidey.

Will Doctor Octopus get your vote?

Otto Octavious and his mother were abused by his father. He was a recluse as a child, maybe because of the abuse but this allowed him to put all his energies into gaining top marks in his school work.

Later on in life he was considered to be a brilliant nuclear physicist, inventor and even lecturer. He designed an advanced mechanical set of arms to assist him with his research into atomic physics.

He started to use them to great effect however, after an accidental radiation leak and explosion they became fused to his body. It came to light that the radiation had mutated his brain somehow so he could control the arms through thought alone. After this, the once great scientist turned to a life of crime.

Being one of Spidey's most dangerous enemies he has had several legendary battles over the years. One such battle when when he stabbed Spidey's partner, the black cat, almost killing her. He was then beaten to an inch of his life by Spidey in a fit of rage. This beating did lead to him having a phobia of spiders for years after though.

Venom | Source

Venom's abilities

Because of they symbiote's bond with Spiderman he has the same powers as the great man himself. He can climb walls, shoot webbing and has superhuman strength and agility. However these powers are much stronger than Spidey's.

One most dangerous aspect of Venom though is that he is immune to the Spider sense which allows him to sneak attack.

How about the evil that is Venom?

Using sonic waves they forced a separation from Peter but the symbiotic life form escaped and returned to Peter's house. Peter put the symbiont back on but found out soon after that loud noise can break the symbiont's hold over him. He used a church bell-tower to free himself.

The symbiont found a new specimin to take over though in the form of journalist Eddie Brock, who hated Spiderman for losing his job after writing false information on a killer. The problem facing Spiderman now was that they symbiont possessed the same powers as he did, and therefore this new symbiont/Brock hybrid did also. They named themselves Venom and started to hunt Spidey.

Numerous battle occurred after and he became a regular rival for Spiderman not seen since the Green Goblin. How can you fight someone so evil and have more powers than you? That is what Spidey faces with Venom.

However, Brock isn't the only owner of the suit, and therefore this enemy lives on and on and on. Will Spiderman ever be rid of this extremly dangerous foe?

Carnage | Source

Carnage's abilities

Superhuman strength, agility, speed and stamina. He is a lot less vunerable to loud sounds than Venom.

Coupled with his homicidal urges this makes him a deadly foe.

How about Carnage? As deadly as his name suggests

Cletus Kasasy had a reached childhood - his father killed his mother because she was trying to kill him! He testified in court against him though saying there was no reason why he killed her so his father was condemned to death by electric chair. After going on a rampage through New York and killing hosts of people, he finally dug up his mothers grave to see her one last time. He also revealed that he killed his grandmother by pushing her down the stairs.

Cletus Kasasy, a serial killer, merged with the offspring of the alien symbiont called Venom and became Carnage during a prison break. This made him even more dangerous than before due to him becoming less mentally stable.

A very different creature than Venom, for example they refer to themselves as 'I' instead of 'we', this is because the symbiont was merged through Kasady's bloodstream instead of being a suit. It is clear that the combination of personalities is a very deadly combination as they both have a thirst for destruction and carnage.

He is such a deadly foe that Venom and Spiderman teamed up to stop him.

Sandman | Source

Sandman's abilities

The Sandman can change his shape at will. He can absorb punches and kicks because of this ability so he is a very deadly opponent.

How about the Sandman?

William Baker was abandoned by his father when he was three. His mother was left in a rough part of New York and so to survive he stole and cheated his way to adulthood. It is this time he adpoted the alias Flint Marko after joining a gang.

He was arrested and spent many years in solitary confinement. His long term girlfriend had left him for another member of the gang in this time. Getting revenge he started a lone citywide crime spree. After being prisoned again for this crime he escaped south. He found himself in Savannah, Georgia and rested on a nearby beach to an experimental atomic testing site. it exploded and Flint was expossed to a massive dose of radiation which bonded his body with the sand.

Marko discovered this had transformed him into a sand like substance and he could change his shape at will. He didn't have to hide from the police anymore and the Sandman was born.

He went back to his life of crime which led to conflict with Spidey.

Kingpin | Source

Kingpin's abilities

He is massively strong, although he does not possess any superhuman qualities. He is a good fighter though.

He must rely on his intellect to get the better of his enemies.

Is the Kingpin your favourite?

Wilson Fisk started life as a common thug. His brutality was noticed by a crime boss of the area and took him under his wing. Fisk Eventually murdered him and took control of his mob empire and the Kingpin was born.

He did shield his son from all the criminal activities though as much as he could. Although it wasn't enough as he learnt of the activities, faked his own death and then returned to destroy his father's empire as the Schemer. He never really damaged it much though.

With the activities that his 'business' run, like dealing in drugs, smuggling, murder etc, he finds Spiderman a pest and therefore wants to get rid of him.

He is a massive 400 pound plus bulk of solid muscle although he has no superhuman powers even if he has held his own against Spiderman and the Daredevil.

With massive resources at his disposal and an army of lawyers the police have never pinned anything on him and therefore he does not have a criminal record, but he uses his intellect and gets others to do his dirty work instead of getting his hands dirty most of the time.

One of his worse crimes is to arrange a sniper to kill Peter Parker. However, instead of hitting him it hit Aunt May, who went into a coma. When Peter found out he found and beat Fisk to an inch of his life, and promised to return if his Aunt dies to finish off the job.

Lizard | Source

The Lizard's abilities

Superhuman strength, agility and reflexes. He also has has regenerative powers even if he is very resistant to injury due to his tough hide.

He also has a power to release a pheromone into the atmosphere to make humans aggressive and violent.

My personal favourite - the Lizard.

A gifted surgeon, Curt Connors was injured in a blast and lost his arm when fighting for his country. He then became obsessed with the regenerative abilities of reptiles to help GI's who were in a similar state to himself.

He eventually invented a serum taken from the DNA of a reptile would regrow lost limbs. He experimented on a rabbit which successfully regrew a limb. His wife had concerns and didn't think it was ready for human testing however, Connors ignored this warning and tried it himself. Initially he was hit with elation as his arm grew back, but slowly and surely he transformed into a reptilian monster to the horror of his wife.

Spiderman learnt about this transformation and tried to help by using Connors' notes to invent a serum to cure him. A favour which was repaid by Connors later when he helped save May Parker's life from radioactive blood poisoning.

Then Peter worked alongside Connors as his assistant. However, the cure was short lived and the Lizard personae soon returned. A pattern occurred in the battles with the Lizard - Connors would endure some stress in his life and turn into the Lizard, the pair would fight before Spidey found some temporary cure. Then it would happen all over again.

Once Connors experimented in perfecting the serum on a lizards tail. This grew into a fully formed Lizard which had the same abilities as he would as the Lizard and captured his son. To save him he turned himself into the Lizard and went after this impostor and killed the beast.

Slowly the Lizard took more control over Connors and he has spent many years in prison due to losing his temper easily. This has ultimately broke up his family.

Although an enemy of Spidey, I like how this story also revolves around a strong friendship too.

Who is your favourite Spiderman villian?

See results

So a lot of Spidey's enemies have been included here with a brief history of who they are. The world of Spiderman is huge with characters who have depth thanks to brilliant writers.

It is hard to say who my favourite evil character is but if I was forced to pick on it would probably be the Lizard because I just feel sorry for him with his background story. He is also a very dangerous enemy.

But who is your favourite? Let everyone know by voting in the poll opposite.


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    • jupiter90 profile image


      5 years ago

      Spiderman is like the Marvel Universe equivalent to the DC universe's Batman for having well known enemies.

    • Geekdom profile image


      5 years ago

      I have always been a Venom fan, but I don't like the new Antivenom.


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