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Who is the best X-Men villain, baddie, enemy? Magneto Vs Mystique Vs Sabretooth Vs Juggernaut Vs Sentinels Vs Mankind

Updated on October 28, 2014

X-Men are one of the great comics of all time. They not only have great super-heros like Wolverine and Rogue but they also have some amazing iconic baddies too. The likes of Magneto and Mystique are great characters that give the X-Men a run for their money. But which one is your favourite?

Take a look below for a brief history on the top six baddies from the X-Men series.

X-Men baddies
X-Men baddies | Source
Magneto the leader of the rebels
Magneto the leader of the rebels | Source

Magneto's abilites

Magneto has the ability to move metal objects and use them at his will. This also translates to him being able to fly using the magnetic fields of the Earth.

He is also very strong, very agile, has great stamina but most of all he has a very high interlect. He pitches his wits against Xavier in many battles.

He is also resistant to the mental manipulations of Xavier as shown in many battles too.

Magneto - is he your favourite?

Max Eisenhardt was born in 1928 to a Jewish family in Nuremburg, Germany. During the Nazis' rule of the country his family fled to Poland. However, while trying to escape his family was killed by a special task force. This is when Max's mutant abilities took effect by moving the bullets aside so it didn't harm him. He fell into the trench with the rest of his family and left for dead.

When he managed to crawl out of the trench he went for aid in a nearby town where he was captured and sent to Auschwitz, (the most infamous death camp of world war 2). He was starved, over-worked, tortured and came down with many diseases. Maybe these are the reasons why his abilities did not come to fruition until many years later.

Max helped others during his time here and also herded others to their deaths! He became a sonderkommando - someone who helped the Nazis move jews into the gas chambers, but through this job he took clothes and other valueables from the dead Jews clothes and passed them to others.

It was during his time here that he met with his first love, a Gypsy named Mgda. Once the Nazi's had begun to dismantle the camp due to the advancing Russian troops, Max killed a guard who tried to kill Magda.

They escaped and fled to Ukraine in the Carpathian Mountains. They married and had a baby girl. Tragically though, their baby girl burnt to death in a fire. This was the time that Max found his powers however, the police stopped him before he could save his little girl. In his grief he lashed out and killed everyone around him. Magda fled the scene terrified, but she was pregnant with twins. She perrised soon after and a Gypsy couple adopted them.

He later took the name of Erik Lehnsherr to hide from those who hunted him for mass murder. Many years later, after giving up the search for his astranged wife, he found work in a psychiatric hospital where he first met Charles Xavier. Their opinions about humans coexisting with mutants varied considerably as Erik believed mutants were better.

His long and turbulent friendship with Professor Xavier has been a cornerstone for both men's lives, as much as the rivalry that has lasted for decades.

He is the longest, and a lot of people argue the most powerful, enemy the X-Men have ever faced. But do you agree?

Mystique - sexy and deadly
Mystique - sexy and deadly | Source

Mystique's abilities

Metamorphic - she can change shape to any human she wants. She also sounds like them and can wear the same clothes as them by changing her cells.

She can morph into anyone the same size as her indefinitely but it takes a great strain on her powers if the person is a lot bigger than her.

The ability to morph her cells has allowed her to stop any sign of aging. Therefore no one is sure how old she really is.

Is the sexy Mystique your favourite?

Little is known about Mystique's past. This might be because of her shape-changing ability allowed her to take on different identities. Born Raven Darkholme, she soon made her family fear her due to these abilities.

During WW2, Raven met Wolverine for the first time and helped him. Later she met Sabretooth ,Victor Creed, and became lovers after being assigned the same mission to assassinate a German scientist. She faked her death in order to leave him though, even if this resulted in her first child.

Mystique eventually joined the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, which was founded by Magneto. here she trained Rogue before she went to Professor Xavier for help. Mystique thought she was brainwashed and therefore went to rescue her. Rogue stopped her by explaining she left of her own free will. This left Mystique hurt and confused but she left it alone after that.

It was always a close friendship between the two though and Mystique and Rogue have helped each other many times after. After trying to capture and assassinate a politician, who was against mutants, the X-Men stopped her. After Mystique even came to helping Professor Xavier from time to time. Joining the X-Men was because she wanted help in learning how to deal with her superhuman powers.

This time as an X-Men didn't last forever though as she moved on to other organisations which suited her needs.

Sabretooth - immensely strong
Sabretooth - immensely strong | Source

Sabretooth's abilities

Sabretooth has the ability to adapt to extreme cold temperatures. He also has great healing powers that has seen him live for many lifespans. Superhuman stamina, strength and agility make him a deadly foe.

His abilities are very similar to Wolverine but he doesn't come across as intelligent as his most deadly enemy.

How about Wolverine's nemesis - Sabretooth?

Victor Creed, also known as Sabretooth, was recruited into a top secret CIA covert ops unit. This team, known as Team X, also had Wolverine, Silver Fox and Agent Zero. He frequently targeted and killed civilians during fights. He also had a relationship with Mystique in this time.

After killing Wolverines girlfriend, he is also recruited into the experiment that was known as the Weapon X program, alongside Wolverine, although it was never made sure what enhancement he received if any.

Later he joins the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants under the tuition of Magneto and with this connection he has endured as the number one rival to Wolverine, with both of them having similar abilities.

He has been briefly been enlisted as an X-Men when Professor Xavier tried to help him. This was doomed adventure though.

Juggernaut -
Juggernaut - | Source

Juggernaut's abilities

Superhuman strength, stamina and invulnerability makes Juggernaut a very dangerous enemy.

He is known for his charge - once he gets going it is virtually impossible to stop him.

He does have a weakness of being controlled mentally which has saved Xavier a few times.

Or Xavier's stepbrother - Juggernaut?

Cain Marko, Juggernaut, was often beaten by his abusive father. This was one reason he became a cruel and spiteful boy and abused his stepbrother too - Charles Xavier - the bullied becomes the bully.

He met a young Charles Xavier when his telepathic powers were beginning to develop. Charles found himself experiencing the hurt of Cain after a beating on one occasion and could not stop the contact. Cain felt this and believed it an invasion of privacy. He regarded Charles as an enemy ever since then.

After spilling chemicals during a fight with his father and burning down the family mansion he ran away. Eventually he ended up in a third world prison. With the help of another mutant he escaped there.

Cain and Xavier found themselves meeting again when they served together in the same U.S. military unit in Korea. Cain deserted under enemy fire but Xavier went after him into a cave that would change Cain's life forever. This cave was the lost temple of Cyttorak. When Cain grabbed a glowing ruby he was told, "Whosoever touched this gem shall possess the power of the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak. Henceforth, you who read these words shall become forevermore a human juggernaut."

He was transformed into a large superhuman with incredible strength just before enemy fire caused a cave in. Xavier survived but Cain was buried under tons of rock.

He eventually dug himself out and used his new found powers to travel to America to kill Xavier.

Sentinels - Huge and powerful
Sentinels - Huge and powerful | Source

Sentinel's abilities

Sentinels are super size humoniod robots with super strength and have the ability of flight.

They can also shoot lasers out of their eyes. They can also detect mutant from human with scanners.

Is your favourite the protection of humanity - Sentinels?

Sentinels were built by an Anti-mutant protestor, Bolivar Trask, to protect humans from the 'mutant threat'.

The first model were equiped with artificial intelligence and deemed humans as imperfect. In a live debate with Professor Xavier, Trask was kidnaped along with Beast from the X-Men by the Sentinels. The rest of the X-Men tried to rescue them but were captured themselves. After a weakness was found the Sentinels were destroyed.

There has been many other Sentinels after this and each one has threatened the lives of the X-Men. The mark III was even human shape, in fact the same shape as the original X-Men. But Wolverine discovered these impostors and ripped apart the Jean Grey lookalike.

After the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants tried to assassinate Senator Robert Kelly the president authorised Sentinel production. However, the man in charge of this is an evil mutant himself. Tycoon Sebastian Shaw is in charge of building top-secret Sentinels. He uses them to attack his enemy the X-Men even though the government are not aware of this.

Mankind - the deadliest animal on Earth
Mankind - the deadliest animal on Earth | Source

The deadliest enemy to most animals - Humans.

A lot of Humans are scared of the powers that mutants posess. A sort of not knowing and feeling insecure about these abilities are causes for anti-mutant hate groups to crop up all over the planet.One such group is known as the Friends of Humanity.

They have forced lawmakers to reinstate The Mutant Registration Act. This is one reason why The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants arises to stop these radical people from crippling mutants around the world.

These Humans do not believe that Mutants can be nice and will benefit human kind and therefore treat them as a threat.

Who is the greatest X-Men enemy?

See results

I have included some, but not all, of the most amazing and powerful enemies the X-Men face in their relentless battle to save human and mutants alike.

You have read a brief history on each, seen the pictures, and studdied their powers. With all this information, who do you believe to be the best X-Men baddy of all time?

Please vote and we can see who the nations favourite is.


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    • Taranwanderer profile image


      3 years ago

      Humans a re the deadliest animals to EVERYONE lol - even themselves. Nice work on this superhero hub... I'm still waiting for DC and Marvel to get together and do a Superman vs the X-Men crossover.

    • ironangel89 profile image


      4 years ago from United States

      I'm always gonna root for Magneto.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I was a big Sabertooth fan in the 90s during the tv series. I always thought there was more that could be fleshed out for that character and they finally did that when they made X-Men origins and sadly it was X-Men origins.

    • Alphadogg16 profile image

      Kevin W 

      5 years ago from Texas

      As a huge Sci-geek, this is a great hub, help for teachers, and is really difficult to answer, all the villians are as awesome as the heroes. Although Magneto character kinda rivals that of say a Darth Vader, I would say Mystique is the best villain and the sexiest.


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