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Who is the greatest X-men of all time? Wolverine Vs Rogue Vs Storm Vs Cyclops Vs Professor X Vs Beast Vs Gambit

Updated on October 25, 2013

The X-Men are a team of mutant superheroes who protect us mere humans from a renegade factions of mutants. Professor Xavier created a safe haven for 'gifted' children to train and educate them in the gifts.

The original X-Men were, Cyclops, Iceman, Angel, Beast and Marvel Girl. They were called the X-Men because they possess special powers due to the X-gene that normal humans don't have.

The X-Men evolved from here and became the band of superheros we all now know and love.

But who is your favourite?

One of the best characters ever invented
One of the best characters ever invented | Source

Wolverine's abilities

Wolverine will be known best for his six claws that erupt from his hands that act like knives.

On top of this though he possesses lightening reflexes and agility as well as super hearing, super strength, super smell, super healing abilities (this is the reason he could survive the experiment) and he is a master of hand to hand combat.

I bet Wolverine will get lots of Votes

Wolverine, James Howlett, was born to a wealthy family. He spent most of his childhood very sick and bedridden however. After seeing his friend shot, it caused a massive emotional trauma and his mutant abilities manifested itself.

He killed a person who shot his friend and was wanted for murder so he changed his name to Logan. After disappearing from the scene he fell in love, but she was killed by Sabretooth, a mutant with similar abilities to himself. With training in martial arts he started to hunt down her killer though.

He was then given the opportunity to take part in an experiment to help him catch the killer. Adamantium, an indestructible metal, was to be bonded to his bones. Those who experimented on him wanted to use him as a weapon however, this failed and Logan broke free although his memories were wiped forever.

Professor X and his X-Men found and saved him, and because of his attraction to Jean Grey he stopped and helped them. Eventually accepting this help and becoming an integrate part of the X-Men team, his family.

His anamalistic nature and probably the fact that Hugh Jackman, will get him many votes here, but it's his fierce and protective loyalty that has made him one of the most powerful X-Men to fight in the cause for co-existence.

One of my personal favourites
One of my personal favourites | Source

Rogue's Mutant abilities

Rogue has the ability to absorb things when she has skin to skin contact. This can be memories, skills, abilities or even superpowers if she touches a fellow mutant.

The powers do fade over time, but it depends how long this contact is made for.

She also has the abilities of flight, super strength and near invulnerability (all absorbed from Ms. Marvel)

My personal favourite - Rogue

Rogue's mutant powers first showed when she kissed a childhood friend, Cody Robbins. Rogue absorbed Cody's memories and consciousness, sending him into a coma. She also passed out as she wasn't in control of her powers.

She then fled the town to escape persecution. She was discovered by Mystique, a shape shifting criminal. Mystique looked after for a time and got her to join in her criminal activities. After they both joined the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and during this time, Rogue fought Ms. Marvel and absorbed her powers. This is the event that saves her, because with the consciousness of Ms. Marvel influencing Rogue she then started to see the Brotherhood as terrorists.

She then sort out her one time enemy, the X-Men. Professor X took Rogue in, against the wishes of the X-Men at the time, but now she has proven her dedication to the cause and now is a very popular member of the group.

Rogue does see her powers as a curse however. She cannot touch anyone she loves because of how she will affect them. She has a lonely existence as she does separate herself because of this. She is particularly fond of Gambit.

I have to admit she is one of my favourites, but this may be due to the husky voice she had in the animated series from the 1990's.

Storm - what a cool power she pocesses.
Storm - what a cool power she pocesses. | Source

Storms abilities

The ability she is known for best is the ability to manipulate the elemental forces that govern our weather.

This can take the form of Electricity control, Flight, Heat generation, Ice control, Wind bursts and other weather controls.

She also has a massive intellect and has superb leadership qualities as well as being an expert at unarmed combat.

Will Storm get your vote?

A descendant of an ancient royal line of sorceresses, all with white hair and blue eyes and get their defining features every five generations, Storm can trace her family tree back to the valley that spawned the human race itself. Power is transferred from mother to daughter

When storm was five, her family was killed and she was buried under rubble next to her mother's body. A severe case of claustrophobia will live with her forever because of this pinnacle moment in her life.

Her real name is Ororo Munroe and due to her extraordinary gifts was invited to join the X-Men by Professor Xavier, which she has been a member ever since raising to one of the tactical field leaders. She soon came to think of the X-Men as family and thus is strongly loyal, especially to her friend Jean Grey.

After the death of Jean though, Storm was appointed team leader.

Cyclops - laser vision
Cyclops - laser vision | Source

Cyclop's abilities

Cyclops is best known for his ability to fire lasers out of his eyes. He has never been able to control this power without the red quartz but glasses he relies on now.

He can also absorb power, and has good intellect and natural leadership qualities.

Will Cyclops get your vote?

Scott Summers, was an orphan from 12 when the plane carrying his parents was attacked and destroyed. To save their boy before it blew up they pushed him out with a parachute on his back. In the explosion though, the parachute caught fire. He saved himself and his brother with his mutant ability, which only manifested itself for the first time.

When he woke from the coma he destroyed the hospital roof with this power. A man called Sinister took him into his orphanage with ideas of controlling him. This never happened, instead he helped Scott to control his severe headaches and eyestrain by finding the only substance that restrained Scott's optic blasts and ease his vision problems - ruby quartz. He used this to construct a pair of ruby quartz glasses which he now relies on totally.

Professor X tracked down Scott with the help of the FBI after he accidentally destroyed a crane, and offered the boy the opportunity to become the first student at his school for gifted youngsters.

He soon had other teammates but he was a gifted leader and eventually became Xavier's most prized student.

The man who brought them all together
The man who brought them all together | Source

Professor X's abilities

The ability that the Professor is known best for is his Telepathy that he can use to find any mutant he wants. With this he can also use astral projection.

Being in a wheelchair he doesn't go on missions but instead uses his massive intellect to help his mission of mutant and human harmony.

Will the creator of the X-Men get your vote?

Charles Xavier if from a wealthy family of a nuclear researcher. He started the school for higher learning to help young mutants to come to term with their 'gifts' and eventually join the X-Men in their battle to promote peaceful existence of mutants and humans

Being the creator and face of mutant right, the X-Men rarely act without the permission of their leader. Without his guidance and intellect they would not be able to combat evil as well as they do.

He acts like a father figure to the many young mutants that are schooled at his family home.

He is regarded as one of the world's greatest masterminds and uses this to help innocent humans and mutants alike in the struggle for peaceful co-existence.

The Beast
The Beast | Source

Beast's abilities

The beast is best known for his massive intellect and scientific brain.

But this is not all the weapons at his disposal. He possesses superhuman strength, agility, endurance and speed.

He also has great acrobatic skills, a fact that is helped by his feet that act more like hands. They also help him climb pretty much any surface and he can multitask really well because it's like having four hands.

The Beast is a great character

Norton McCoy used to work at a nuclear power plant, where he was exposed to a massive amount of radiation. This effected his genes and as a result his son, Henry 'Hank' McCoy was born a mutant. He was born with large hands and feet, which were more like hands. His freakish appearance earned him the nickname of the Beast from classmates.

Hank showed signs of superhuman agility and athletic powers during his time at school, as shown by him being a star American football player. It was during one game that his powers were spotted by a villain who kidnapped his parents to get him to work for him. The X-Men turned up and defeated him though and after Hank was invited to join the X-Men, which he couldn't turn down due to his love of science and the resources that would be at his disposal.

He graduated and became a genetic researcher. He discovered the hormonal extract to cause mutations and in an attempt to stop his boss from stealing secrets he injected himself and underwent massive physical changes which turned him more into a beast with hair, pointed ears and teeth and stronger limbs.

He is now a much loved and much respected member of the X-Men.

Gambit and his cards
Gambit and his cards | Source

Gambit's abilitys

Gambit is best known for his ability to charge small objects with kinetic energy that explodes when it hits something. This is usually in the form of a pack of cards. This with a great ability to strike an object at a big distance very accurately makes this a deadly ability.

He is a regular person apart from that - no super human strength or abilities, although he is a very good hand to hand fighter because of him learning this on the streets.

Who can't help but love Gambit?

As a homeless boy in New Orleans, Gambit was adopted. The man who adopted him was Jean-Luc Lebeau and he was head of the Thieves Guild. He was forced to flee to prevent a war breaking out between the Thieves guild and the Assassins Guild because of him injuring the son of the leader after he was challenged to a duel over the marriage to his sister.

After applying his skills as a thief for a while he encountered Storm and helped her escape her enemy at the time. Storm then helped Gambit into the X-Men where he has remained since. With his love of Rogue he has become an intricate member of the team.

Who do you think is the best X-men of all time?

See results

Now it is your turn

You have read about a lot of the X-Men, yes they are not all here but I have included the best known X-Men that most people will recognise and not just the geeks like me, lol.

So please vote and let us all know which X-Men you love the most

Test yourself on your X-Men knowledge.

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    • Geekdom profile image


      5 years ago

      I have always been a fan of Gambit. Cyclops is my least favorite.


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