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Who "Killed" the First US Defense Secretary "James Forrestal"?

Updated on April 23, 2020
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There is an online image of the deceased President John Kennedy standing in front of the grave of James Forrestal, who was the first Secretary of Defense of the United States. The fate of President Kennedy was no different from the end of Forrestal. The difference lies only in the manner of killing both of them, and the match is in imposing secrecy on the documents related to the two crimes, as well as in the place of death of the two men, that is, in the US Navy's Pietestda Hospital.

Until now, no one knows who killed John Kennedy, and the fact that James Forrestal, an anti-Zionist and anti-Zionist rape project, ended. There are opinions that the deep state in the United States stands behind them. In this regard, the American anti-Zionist Jewish writer Alfred Linneal recorded, "Who has enough power to remove the handgun aimed at the White House in the hands of surrendered politicians and the media controlled by the Zionist lobby?"

As for President Truman's envoy to Palestine, General Patrick Hurley, he recorded in his memoirs "While Zionism is presented all over the world as a religious movement" based on the humanitarian concern of an oppressed people ", there was a terrorist organization inside Palestine that used brotherhood, coercion, and assassination as its weapon. Foreign companies operating in Palestine, including the American ones, were forced to contribute monthly payments to the treasury of the Zionist Organization in order to obtain permission to remain in business. When Hurley, the personal representative of the United States, publicly refused to support the Zionist movement during his stay in Jerusalem, the organizations threatened him with kidnapping and assassination. The purpose of this message is to make clear that the Zionist organization would not hesitate to fight its enemies, even if they were senior Washington leaders. In any case, there is a list of the killing of many American personalities that remain unannounced to this day, and they include General Patton, the Kennedy brothers, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and finally Jefferson Epstein, who was also "committed suicide" in his cell, and many others. By the way, the situation in the colonial European countries is no different. Let us remember the assassination of the "disappearance" of Moroccan fighter Mahdi Ben Barka in France, and how "suicide" by Andreas Bader and others. The book "The Assassination of James Forrestal" (Maccabi Publications - 2019) by David Martin follows the life of James Forrestal as well as all information about the circumstances surrounding the killing of the first United States Secretary of Defense, who was "committed suicide" based on the information available and the relevant documents that the administration was forced to release. At the request of the author pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act. The author raises many related questions, the most important of which is why the report on Forrestal's "suicide" was kept confidential, and he clarifies that he does not say that he committed suicide, but that there is no evidence that the US Navy has anything to do with his death; that is, not denying that others (the deep state - ZM) they committed the crime.

The Zionist organization did not hesitate to fight its enemies, even if they were senior Washington leaders

There are similar circumstances for the “suicide” of Geoffrey Epstein and James Forrestal, who opposed many things related to Washington, including the dropping of atomic bombs on Japan, namely that both were placed under permanent control, in the dungeon and in the hospital, respectively, and both “committed suicide” the moment the officers stopped Those responsible for monitoring their work! The writer also noted that London Johnson visited an unwanted visit to Forstal at "Pitsteada Hospital", suggesting that the subsequent US president was involved in the assassination, and noting that the latter was receiving money from Abraham Feinberg, the former head of the "Americans for the Haganah" organization that funded the manufacture The atomic bomb in the entity of the Zionist colonial-settlement enemy. The author refers to an intervention in Forrestal's memoirs about a conversation between him and Joseph Kennedy, the father of the former president, about an exchange of words that took place between the latter and Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Chamberlain, who said: "The United States and the Jews forced the British to go to war."

Source of Data

  • The Assassination of James Forrestal - McCabe Publishing- (2019). 198 PAGES. DAVID MARTIN

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Hafiz Muhammad Adnan


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