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"Who knows the secret . . . of the Black Magic box?"

Updated on July 1, 2011

Black Magic chocolates

Vintage Black Magic Chocolate Box
Vintage Black Magic Chocolate Box

A memory

"Who knows the secret . . . of the Black Magic box?"

At the tender age of 6, I remember seeing a television commercial for Rowntree's 'Black Magic' chocolates. I was fascinated and hooked, both by chocolates and the concept of black magic, even though I had little idea of what it was about. It 'sounded' magical, the box was beautiful and the chocolates divine. My father bought a box of these chocolates for my mother and, yes, the chocolates were delicious but it was the box that captured my youthful imagination. Even at that age I sensed that there seemed to be some power inherent in magic, but then don't all children - sadly many grow out of and discard all belief in the power of magic. Hammer Horror, Dennis Wheatley, Gothic literature - I have always been drawn to and inspired by the aesthetic appeal of the 'Dark Side'.

My mother kept the original box for jewellery for some years, but eventually, sadly, it went the way of most things. And then, recently, while searching the internet, in vain I thought, for just such a box, I joyfully came across one on Steptoes Dog Antique & Vintage Online Store:

Vintage 1950s Black Magic Chocolate Box Ref: 7254Tm Vintage 1950s Black Magic Chocolate Box. A charming vintage chocolate box, dating to circa 1954. This is a very sweet vintage chocolate box in sturdy card, with a padded lid, featuring black paper, decorated with a red accents. The chocolet box is a coffret style box, which has a hinged lid.This charming vintage chocolate box is a wonderful decorative piece for your vintage chic interior and it would make a wonderful gift or storage box! The chocolate box measures approx 8 inches / 20 cm across and 6 inches / 15 cm deep and 2.5 inches / 6.25 cm tall. The vintage chocolate box shows some light signs of gentle use and no flaws or damage, very good condition.

I bought it and it duly arrived in Prague from England five days later. It now has pride of place in my studio! Although the above description from Steptoe's website says 1950's, I think it may be later than this since the original box I remember was bought in 1966. Anyway, the replacement box I now have is a joy to behold and a big thank you to Steph of Steptoes Antiques.


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