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Who Doesn't Need An Anti-Gay Children's Book?

Updated on May 9, 2011

Ex-Gay Writes Book For Kids On Why They're Gay...yeah, like he knows

The Anti-Gay Children's Book - Don't Get Me Started!


Richard A. Cohen (not the Richard Cohen I used to do theatre with and was fabulous as Gregory Gardner in A Chorus Line) is an ex-gay who is now taking his campaign to the kids with a children's book titled, Alfie's Home. The anti-gay children's book - Don't Get Me Started!

Just in case you don't get enough hate in your life or misunderstanding, the good news is that now your kids and you can experience it without those big words and it comes with pictures. But I know some of you are dying to know the storyline, right? Well here you go. Alfie is a boy whose mother spends most of her time apparently telling him about her problems with his father. Next his father is a screamer (not in an overtly gay way, boys but a yeller if you will). Then there's Uncle Pete who comes and spends the night sometimes in the same bed with Alfie and touches him in strange and exotic ways. Somehow this causes Alfie to be called, "faggot" at school as a teen. Alfie finally goes to a counselor (here's the good news - the counselor is black so at least there's someone ethnic represented in the book) and he helps Alfie see that he is not gay, gets Alfie's parents counseling and eventually gets a full confession out of Uncle Pete (who incidentally, is up for most obvious name of a character in a children's anti-gay book ever written - oooh, I do hope Uncle Pete the Pedophile who touches Alfie's penis is the winner!). It all gets summed up by saying that what Alfie needed from the start was the "time, touch and talk" of his Dad. (Which sounds a little pedophilic to me all on its own) If that doesn't bring a tear to your one good eye, I don't know what will.

As many wrote into, I am one of the people who have a great relationship with my father, always have, we love one another and I can't hang up the phone with him or leave their house without him telling me he loves me. And while my Dad does yell (it's just the natural tone of his voice) it never made me want to get into the same bed with my uncle. Furthermore, were the parents in this book fighting so much that they never knew Uncle Pete was in the same bed with their kid? Don't you have to wonder if there's more going on here than just a pedophile uncle but also some bad parenting? And how the hell does it translate into some sort or weird validation in high school by the kids calling him a "faggot?" As someone who's face has an intimate knowledge of every locker in my high school from being slammed into them at least once a day and being called "faggot" every day at least six times, I have to say that it didn't really make me want to be gay or think that the gay lifestyle was all that glamorous. So I have to say that Mr. Cohen is a bit off base with this part of his ex-fairy tale too.

I get it that a lot of gay men don't have great relationships with their fathers and/or they were molested as a child but there are a lot that weren't and it's a bit irresponsible of this guy to be putting this book out as if it's some sort of cautionary tale or standard for being gay. For some of us who knew we were gay before we lip synced to our first Barbra Streisand record, I have to say if I had read this book as a child it wouldn't have made me not gay or given me clarity. In fact it would have confused me. And while most books are open to some interpretation (Let me hear you Bible readers hollah!) this one is not. And forget about those books like Heather Has Two Mommies, if you're looking for a sure fire gay training tool for children, you don't have to look much further than Pat The Bunny. This book teaches you how to tell if something is real or faux fur, how great a beard feels against your skin, to look at yourself in a mirror, how swell Mommy's ring looks on you, smelling flowers and playing peek a boo with a blanket (you know how the gays like to play peek a boo during sex). Come on, when you think about it this way, wouldn't Pat The Bunny make you gayer than Heather Has Two Mommies or not gay as much as Alfie's Home?

What gets me the most is that this guy is going to make a fortune on this poorly illustrated book and even more disgusting is that it will actually find its way into children's hands. The good news is that kids are smarter than their parents and in most cases I'm thinking they'll recognize it for the crap that it is and move on being gay or not gay. The anti-gay children's book - Don't Get Me Started!

Alfie's Home


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    • profile image

      theawesomeprussia 6 years ago

      They had religious programs and therapy to make gay people straight. Oftentimes it would result in suicide.

      And, Lou, if I may say, just because a man likes other men it doesn't make him any less a man. There's a distinct difference between sexual orientation and gender identity.

      I'm a straight transmale. I have other friends who are transmale and are homosexual, bisexual, and even pansexual.

    • profile image

      Kiki 6 years ago

      This is so wrong. I would like to state, from the flip-side, my parents fought, divorced, remarried and then fought with their new spouses. I grew up feeling, and still feel, terribly unloved and have countless 'issues' but am as straight as the day is long. Poor parenting and childhood trauma don't make people gay.

    • profile image

      Luzian Drake 6 years ago

      It is disgusting on this day and age how much prejudice there is in this world. I myself was born gay and the fact that there are books that mena to "teach and change" gay kids into being straight is an outrage. Thought there arent many books to deal with the problem there are good fiction books like K.R.Columbus Totemic Haven [] that pretty much helps kids when meeting with prejudist people that mean to change them. We need more gay friendly books not more hate.

    • profile image

      louis collins 6 years ago

      somelike... Certainly my experience is not everyone's but is equaly not unique only to myself. You are wrong when you say I had a lot of therapy to try and de-gay myself...This is 100% false. What I did 33 years ago was to talk to a minister who went over several issues with me (including sexual abuse suffered from the age 7 through 13) When someone is abused at this early age one may get confused about his own sexuality. I am 47 years old, happily married to my wonderful wife for the past 20 years and the father of 3 beautiful girls and one terrific man (from the first marriage) have never engaged into any perversion other than sodomy with my wife a(ahahah) and you in 2010 advise me to find a therapist to accept myself... Perhaps you should find a real therapist who will help you affirm what you realy are, a man! not someone else that you think you are, Perhaps you may someday accept your truly self and be the man you realy are. Drop the mask and face the real you!

      all the best and I sincerely did not mean to hurt your feelings with my comments! all the best again!

    • somelikeitscott profile image

      somelikeitscott 6 years ago from Las Vegas

      Lou - You almost read eloquent in your writing. What you fail to realize is that your experience is not everyone's experience and while you read as though you've had a lot of therapy to try and de-gay yourself, I encourage you to find some real therapists who might really be able to assist you in accepting yourself.

    • profile image

      louis collins 6 years ago

      Great book! I recommend it. It brilliantly illustrates the process of getting a young, innocent boy on the path of becoming homosexual. It mirrows me accurately during my teen years. It also shows a reversal is possible, Sciences has never proved the biology of homosexuality,noone is born gay and Homosexuality has nothing to do with sex. It has only to do with un-met emotional needs during childhood and adolescense. It is reversable for many, many people, specialy the young and immature. People who find this book offensive do so because they have inner, unresolved conflicts. To not accept the facts exposed by the author is to deny onself of the true as one needs to do in order to justify their (homosexual) behavior. Thanks Richard Cohen for this honest, truth revealing book.


    • profile image

      sandro 7 years ago

      In 2002 Cohen was permanently expelled from the American Counseling Association, after it accused him of six violations of its ethics code, which bars members from actions which "seek to meet their personal needs at the expense of clients, those that exploit the trust and dependency of clients, and for soliciting testimonials or promoting products in a deceptive manner."

      It should be illegal for him to write a children's book.

    • profile image

      Dad Dad Mom Mom 7 years ago

      There's always something good to balance out the bad.

    • profile image

      Karina 7 years ago

      That is some fucked up bullshit. That bastard needs to grow the fuck up and get over himself. I have friends who are gay and bi and if they were to see what this book is about, they would be completely offended by it.. This book sounds fucked up in more ways than one and it's definitely a bad example for kids. Plus, how are kids supposed to understand that shit? Honestly! Seriously, what a dumbass.

    • profile image

      DISGUSTING 7 years ago

      I can't believe a book like this is being sold FOR KIDS!!! Is there nothing sacred in this society??? I AM AN ATHEIST FOR GODSAKES! LISTEN TO ME! THIS BOOK SHOULD BE BANNED!!! Do we really want to scar our kids minds FOREVER???

    • fireball34 profile image

      fireball34 8 years ago

      You got to be kiddin me~ Funny that he is an Ex-Gay? They had some Ex-Gay leaders of Exdous minister get fired because he was found in a Gay Bar again. You can't change sexual perfence and shouldn't try to make others!~

    • KT pdx profile image

      KT pdx 8 years ago from Vancouver, WA, USA

      Sounds like that book is more to teach children about the dangers of pedophiles than anything about "not being gay". How awful that it would actually end up in children's hands!

    • profile image

      Kelly Knox 8 years ago

      I, too, use the word "ignorant" to define people who disagree with me. It makes me feel more empowered, intelligent, refined. Keep up the good work!

    • somelikeitscott profile image

      somelikeitscott 10 years ago from Las Vegas

      My grandmother taught me two things, laugh about that which annoys and dress up for depression! Valuable lessons!

    • livelonger profile image

      Jason Menayan 10 years ago from San Francisco

      This is awful! That old homosexuality-pedophilia canard is alive and well among the ignorant, as well as the idea that daddy (or mommy) withheld love and "made" us gay.

      Meanwhile, more and more actual scientific research points to a genetic/biological cause.

      People will believe what they want to believe, I suppose.

      As usual, though, you've given some welcome levity to an otherwise depressing subject!