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Whoever "I" Am

Updated on August 4, 2017

I know my case is not the worst
And some people prefer to live longer
But I prefer to end this quickly
So please respect this opinion for me

I know I'm not worth anything
Then let me do things as I please
I wish to endlessly be sleeping
My existence in this world is amiss

I know it's selfish of me to ask for more
So let me go to my deep slumber
Go to the place where I'll be alone
Where I can't hear or see anyone

It's not that I don't love my family
But I wish I wasn't related to any
So that when I die it would be easy
When no one knows me and nothing to worry

Even if I wish for a newer dream to achieve
I'd just wish for my end instead
So I don't give false hopes or make believes
I'll just give up life even just inside my head

Even if I ask for help, I don't know what I want
I don't think we'd get anything if I try to rant
Nothing will come out even if I try
My words itself gets cut when I cry

Maybe I just want a lot of things that I can't have
Resorting to comforting things like friends and love
But that's just me trying to live in normalcy
So that none will know the demons inside me

As hard as I try, my darkness seeps out
I'm more revealed the more I hide
Even if I did, sadly people care by the mouth
They only talk, but leave my side

They say, it will just pass by
I ask, until when is the end of my sigh
They say, I just need to be happy
They say, the world is there for me to see

Everything they said drowned into my ears
So why do I even need to stay here
If nothing of what I say is heard at all
Let me just take one step and take the fall

Tomorrow is just going to be another day
There are no words left that I have to say
By that time they'll only see an empty shell
Where I no longer exist ever since the day I fell

Even if it feels like no one will ever understand you, remember you're not the only one.

If ever you're feeling this way, don't be ashamed of seeking help. Be brave.

© 2017 Asciere


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