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Whoever I Am...Is Who I am.

Updated on November 26, 2012


Whoever I am…is who I am.


Whoever I am…is who I am,

No one can see the same things that I can.

Or tell me how to think and what to do,

And what I am…by the way…is me, not you.

You can look at something from a whole other view.

You can see the same old thing, when I see something new!

This is how it is for each one of us here on this planet,

So quit telling me what I should have to think…damn it!


Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah!

That’s what you sound like to me when you open your jaw.

On what day and what hour,

Did the Lord impart to you to have the power?

To be so right and so all-knowing,

To sit there so smug and perpetually glowing.

Guess What? I have a whole different attitude.

If you don’t like it, you can change your latitude!


Don’t you have someone you would love to tell this to?

I give you permission to use this…From me to you!

You are your own unique individual,

God made you a certain way…Indeed, Special!

So don’t sit there confused about who you are…all day,

Whoever you are…is who you are…What’s it to anyone else…anyway?

Some people are way to controlling to try and run your life, on top of their own,

Tell all the egotistical maniacs out there…that you won’t bow before their thrown!


Go your way…you are free them…now go out and prosper…

Concerning controlling people in your life…there’s no more need to perspire.

Let the stress from them roll of your back, like water does off a duck,

Should they not receive your polite comment...Tell them to go find some Eggs to suck!

The power to be free is in you…and for your anxiety I have a prescription,

Tell yourself it will be Ok (and God will back you)…to change your perception.

Let the weight of the world and all your guilt,

Be cast out of you… everything like that which you have felt!


It’s a remarkable power from Jesus,

That is uniquely powerful to free us.

Do you think I’m crazy to tell you such a thing?

It’s not my words that are making your heart sting!

Give him a try…'Cause what you’ve been doing…ain't working so great anyway,

Now go live your life to the fullest…and don’t ever forget the day.

The Lord came to you…Right where you are…and helped to make it clear,

That whoever you are…is who you are…that’s why he put you here!




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