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Poem - Who is he?

Updated on March 22, 2017

I, somewhat mesmerized, am being drawn to, which direction, chasing the enticing tune coming from far.
Who is he, who is making me hear such a melodious flute?

He is somewhat known to me, he never seemed a stranger to me, somehow like this, he is absorbed in me.
Who is he, who I made mine with such intensity?

I am melting just by his feeling, I am getting molded into him moment by moment, dissolving as if sugary syrup, sometimes I slip and sometimes balancing myself.
Who is he, who is coloring me in his own colors?

To whom I have achieved before getting, to whom I loved more than the love itself, the light in my eyes is the shadow of him.
Who is he, who is writing his beautiful stories on my blank papers and which I have read daily?

I have fallen in love with my own self since I read my name in his eyes.
Who is he, in whose eyes I recognized myself?

What is being felt, it is beyond the word LOVE, the life we started living is something else.
Who is he, with whom this journey seems so much pleasant to me?

He met me like a gust of wind, now he is abiding like a sky, he is flowing like a sea within me.
Who is he, to whom this is how I touched?

He is the only and all what is left, within who I have been lost completely somewhere.
Who is he, who is the only one left known to me?

A bit astonishing it is that nowadays I fly as well as get sunk, wings I had already spread but,
Who is he, with whom I learned not only flying but getting drowned as well?

This relation is getting deeper, the swaying mind is consoling me, I am being composed of his love, Such a glow I am feeling first time ever on myself,
Who is he, who appreciates me in such a beautiful manner?

Unique is this Confluence in which I have lost as well as found myself.
Who is he, by the earthy smell of whom I have fascinated me?

The radiance of my blossoming face and brightness of my eyes is the light of my shining soul.
Who is he, who has joint me with his soul in such a manner?

When the Shadow of him goes away my heart goes empty, only remains an ocean in the empty heart which overflows from my eyes.
Who is he, whom I have filled in my eyes and inhabited in my heart in such a manner?

He is my ground and my sky, I have to live in him and sleep under his shade.
Who is he, except who now nowhere else I have to go?

I am sitting silently on the moon, unconsciously lost in the clouds, lost in this unique world, I am listening to the wonderful tales.
Who is he, who is leading me somewhere far to this dream land?

Everyone has heard of Confluence of two souls, people have heard of two bodies and one life, but,
Who is he, in whom I have found half of my very own soul?

© 2017 Divya Merh


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