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Whoomp! Discover the story of Interjections

Updated on April 7, 2015

A lot of people are certain that learning a language using it in actual life exactly and efficiently are two different issues. Many of us assume learning grammar, edifices and words by heart are sufficient for a learner to connect, which is absolutely untrue. In actual life, to speak an alien language with an innate accent is to some degree tough, but speaking it naturally as expected and appropriately is within reach.

At early stages we hear words, expressions and lingoes like Wow! Ouch! What! Oh my god! Ahem! Phwew! Hurray! Fantastic! Bingo! …. the list can go on and on they play an important role in feeling expression, and are used very often in daily life. An Interjection expresses emotions that can be used as filler. Interjections can stand alone and if omitted, the sentence can still make sense. They are used to express some kind of emotions and don’t really add to grammar functions in any sentence or relate to any other parts of the sentence. Speakers use interjection to express excitement, amazement, or disappointment. “What!” an example of interjection can be used as, “What! She failed the assessment?”

Interjections indicate the recommencement of words in order to make a more contented move or uncertainty to the talkers’ or writers’ subsequent point. Let’s consider an example “Well”, “Well, He’s not that generous”. Interjections can be used in diverse ways, different situations and express any emotional state, sentiments or feelings. Interjection can often be used paradoxically to indicate something evident. “Um” is one classic example. “Um, did you happen to know that today is the time limit for submitting the project?” Besides, one can use longer expressions in sentences such as “Get to work! What a beautiful car!” These sentences are called complete sentences exclamations.

Examples of Interjection

  • Ouch! That hurts.
  • Well, I need a break.
  • I just replaced jack’s sugar with salt. Bazinga!
  • Sweet! I got a bike for my birthday!
  • Wow! What a beautiful dress!
  • Holy cow! I forgot my phone!
  • Are you still going to drink that? Yuck!
  • Eww! That book is about parasites.
  • Shawnee is our English teacher. Oh, the horror!

Common interjections used are Oh! Hurray! Alas! Duh! Oops! Geez! Hey! Ah! Hush! What! Well done! Wow! Wowww! Ahaaaa! Uh-uh! Alas! Jeeeesus! Ooh-la-la! Yes! etc.

In English Language people use interjections to express emotions, state of mind or moods. Interjections can be classified by their functions in handing over emotions or feelings. The following are some interjections:

  1. Interjection of joyfulness
  2. Interjection of anger
  3. Interjection of disgust or fear
  4. Interjection of pain or sorrow
  5. Interjection of surprise
  6. Interjection for complaining
  7. Interjection for praising
  8. Neutral interjection (doesn’t intend to praise or complain anything expresses encouragement or suggestion.)

Interjections do play an essential role in our everyday speech. It’s difficult to express emotions in words thanks to Interjections it’s a more viable option. When one wants to master a language this communicative element is definitely obligatory. They can signify a wide variety of reactions such as: joy, excitement, sadness, surprise, grief or disgust. Interjections are in the form of a single word, a short clause or a phrase. Interjections are used in informal language and expresses sudden burst of feeling.


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