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Scientific Writing

Updated on July 13, 2017

When to Write, Scientifically

Vividly, I can recall being a middle schooler, roughly about 12-13 years of age, and being shown the most bizarre and interesting poster. It was labeled "The Scientific Method", and it utterly intrigued me. It listed all the steps to writing a good lab report, by way of experimentation.

My teacher at time had the most outrageous stories about her, supposedly, challenging mother-in-law. These stories were outside the realm of my understanding, but definitely made the class interesting. As a result, she was a wonderfully engaging teacher; one who taught us to write lab reports with fun facts and clever ideas.

This brings me to the conceptualization of scientific writing. I agree that writing is a must, in any form, but to write scientifically is a tough choice; one that leads to much editing and re-editing.

In fact, I didn't quite grasp that concept until much later in life, when my high school teacher refined my scientific writing. Until then, I had been under the assumption that facts and hypothesis were the meat of scientific reports. Soon, I came to know that science has writing in all forms, as well.

In college, I decided to complete a thesis and that proved effortful. However, I did it for science! At least, that's what I would tell myself. In truth, I did it to prove that I could (and in order to graduate, too). Everytime I sat to work on my thesis for psychology, I wanted to stop. This was very unlike me. By nature I've enjoyed writing, ever since I could speak. I had always loved the way the different writing instruments moved, even the tapping on a keyboard would ignite my senses.

By the same token, I dreaded the thesis because I couldn't write freely. I had these standards of what scientific writing should sound like and it turned out I was entirely wrong. The writing on some days would just pour out of me. To the surprise of my advisor, my thesis was on-time and complete much before graduation.

This turning point in my life led me to appreciate, even more, all the teachers in my upbringing who have had an impact on my writing, especially those who brought attention to the need for scientific writing.

I hope that once I'm older, I can still feel this sense of learning, in the little things that remain the same.

Otherwise, I would't just be a scientific writer, searching for warmth and craft. In fact, I would likely end up as a scientific human who may never smell roses the way Shakespeare had intended--but for analysis of color and structure.

Thank you, teachers and professors.

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