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A Poem: Who's that in The Mirror?

Updated on October 23, 2014
Self Destruction
Self Destruction

Knowledge is Half The Battle: Understanding Anorexia Nervosa

Who's That in The Mirror

I sit and stare at the looking glass

wondering of the face that is my past.

I know not, who I see

gazing back at me.

Golden locks, once the halo of my head

long gone, long dead.

The bluest eyes so bright

now endless pools of listless light.

Vacant hollows

swollen with heavy tears.

Framed by hooded lids...

Who's that in the mirror?

A pink blush, once my skin

a pale blanket, deathly thin.

A pallor mask, not mine

stretched by the sands of time.

A wrinkled map lines each cheek

spidering with each word I speak.

Though few and far between.

There is nothing, I know of me

or the person I used to be.

Where is the laughter?

Where is the fun?

Who's that in the mirror?

Is that a ghost from the past I see;

a long lost memory?

Somewhere deep inside

that's where I am, where I hide.

My zest for life is gone

swallowed by this malady.

I search the vacuous face I see

a haunted visage

staring blankly back at me.

Deathly thin

ashen grey...

Who's that in the mirror?

And then I see a glimmer

the faintest glow.

From deep within my soul

the weakest smile

my smile.

I am here, trapped inside

within this fragile shell.

I watch my demise.

Behind these eyes.

Behind this face.

My masquerade.

The glimmer fades

withdraws once more...

Who's that in the mirror?

Written in the memory of a young woman I once knew

I have forgiven, but I will never forget

November 2002

© 2011 Gabriel Wilson


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    • Gabriel Wilson profile image

      Gabriel Wilson 6 years ago from Madeira, Portugal

      Thank you for reading; I am grateful for your time and for your comments.

    • LaurieDawn profile image

      LaurieDawn 6 years ago

      I have to say this is absolute prose at it's best! I love dark poetry and this was recommended to me, and it is break-taking.

      Voted up and super!



    • Poohgranma profile image

      Poohgranma 6 years ago from On the edge

      I don't have to tell you what an amazing writer you are ... but I will. This is magnificent!

    • tnderhrt23 profile image

      tnderhrt23 6 years ago

      Wow, I felt the pain in this one...and the picture you used is so stunningly appropriate! Powerful poem! Wow!

    • lawrencebeach2010 profile image

      Gizmo Prodigy Publishing 6 years ago from Shreveport, LA

      great hub excellent poem come and see what were working on seems like we have a lot in common. Taking in the consideration of hist-aria in life