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Why A Reader Would Subscribe Or Share Your Contents

Updated on December 26, 2013

How to Increase Readership For your Article-Part9

Two major ways that one gets more readers for his published works online are through sharing and subscribing. That is you are able to increase readership for your content when readers get to share your articles with other potential readers after reading your content as well as when you have lots of people subscribing to your contents. The ensuing article discusses some few basic reasons why a reader would share or subscribe to your articles as well as provide some useful strategies to help you increase readership for your contents.

*Articles that are interesting are worth sharing by readers. One of the best ways to therefore get more readers for your article is to write very interesting articles for your target readers. If your article is interesting and represents the thoughts and feelings of the reader, he or she would be more likely to share your contents with other friends who share similar views. Sharing or commenting on your content enables readers to connect with other like minded people or others who share his views. . Readers are less likely to help you promote a product or share a content that directly sells a product to them. Readers usually read in order to gain knowledge, and they are more likely to read and share a content that is informative and helpful to them and other readers.

There are two main reasons why a reader would subscribe to your contents. First is to read the rest of your other materials when they have enough time to. Secondly, readers would subscribe to your content in order to keep in touch with the writer as well as his subsequent interesting article releases. If a reader finds your article interesting and would want to read more or they would want to keep in touch with you and be notified of all your subsequent article releases, they would subscribe or share with their friends on their social network. When they share the content or link on their wall, they get to show their friends what they have been up to as well as keep the content link on their wall; the social network walls have also become a great place for users to save things that interest them most so easily get access to it whenever they need it.

Most readers take interest in reading what their friends are reading. That is one of the reasons why shared contents get read a lot. You should therefore seek to write materials that are interesting and worth sharing as well as one that generates more comment and discussions. Since the article directory automatically notifies followers or subscribers of the activities of authors that they are following, whenever a reader subscribe's (follow) or comments on your content, it's able to increase readership for your content by bringing the reader's own followers to read the content as well .Once a friend or someone they are following subscribes to you, they become curious to find out what interesting thing about your contents or profile made them follow you. Always try to have an interesting profile and articles so when the followers of your followers come to your page, they would also find a reason to stay or subscribe to your content.

*Readers also enjoy reading original materials. Readers do not respect sampled or plagiarized or materials because plagiarizing materials for your readers itself communicates a lace of respect for your target readers. When your contents are unique and original, readers are more likely to share with other friends and other potential readers. One of the ways therefore to get more readers through sharing is to write original contents. When you publish original contents, you also give your readers a reason to follow you.

Please feel free to give your comment and suggestions below. You can also contact me if you want to write articles for your blogs, website or for any proof reading service. Contact me for also advice and tutorials on SEO or how you can upgrade your website in order to gain more traffic.

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