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Why Batman Is Perhaps the Greatest Superhero

Updated on October 3, 2017

He has absolutely no powers, not including his wealth. He is nothing more than a mere mortal, yet he can stand toe to toe with gods. He is very manipulative and hard to understand.

But besides this, he is perhaps one of the greatest superheroes to have ever been created. Now before anyone shouts here is another Batman fanboyism blog, let me explain why Batman is one of the greatest superheroes.

1. He seeks Justice, not Vengeance

I can hear it now, "I am vengeance. I Am the night. I AM BATMAN." Yes, yes. We are all aware of this famous quote. Yes, Batman has stated on numerous occasions that he is Vengeance. However, I question that.

Batman even when finding Joe Chill, the man who murdered his parents, has not taken his life. Batman could, by all means, get his vengeance from the man who forever changed his life but he doesn't.


Not because he is "the Goddamn Batman" but because he has an incorruptible sense of morals.

How easy would it be for anyone to take vengeance? People take vengeance on an everyday basis over trivial and silly issues. Batman was able to turn a criminal scenario into a life of helping and saving others.

He has vowed never to take the life of anyone even though he witnessed it as a child. He refuses to be his enemy, and that in itself is a powerful power by itself.

"I'm Not talking about killing The Penguin or Two-face. Just him and because... because he took me away from you." - Under The Red hood

2. His Moral Compasses Is Godlike

Yes, I said it. His moral compass is akin to the gods. Now again this isn't Batman fanboyism. Let's look at the Joker. We all ask why doesn't he just kill the Joker?

Gotham would be so much better for it. What many people fail to understand is that Batman is representing an ideal. He is representing an idea of what the people of Gotham can aspire to be.

This notion that killing the Joker would simply save a lot of lives is flawed when you look at it from a philosophical point. What if he killed the Joker, what would then stop him from killing the Penguin, or Two-Face?

He would be able to justify any of his actions, and when you start to defend the wrongs, you have done you become deluded.

Batman's sense of morals are much higher than the average man, and I can say far greater than some of the gods in the DC universe, especially Superman from Injustice Universe.

“I'm the goddamn Batman.”

3. Batman Is A Sign Of Hope

There are many people out there who belive he represents fear. And yes I am well aware that Batman has received the yellow lantern ring, but if we step back for a second and think.

Batman more than being a man of fear is a man of hope. He has lost his parents do to crime and instead of killing all the criminals he meets he sends them to get rehabilitated.

We can say that Arkham Asylum is just a revolving door and that if Batman just killed them, then there wouldn't be any more supervillains in Gotham.

But here is the thing. Batman is not responsible for Arkham Asylum security, although he does keep tabs on it. And secondly there is another hero out there who kills criminals but crimes still happen, and that is The Punisher.

No matter how many criminals he kills, crime continues to occur.

The eye for an eye is a primitive way of handling the law. Instead of keeping people in fear it is better to give them hope.

When you force a person to live right then, that is not truly a righteous act. But if a person can be inspired to do what is right and do what is right of their volition then that is the most righteous thing they can do.

They do it because they want to not because they are forced to do it.

“He's clearly a man with a mission, but it's not one of vengeance. Bruce is not after personal revenge ... He's much bigger than that; he's much more noble than that. He wants the world to be a better place, where a young Bruce Wayne would not be a victim ... In a way, he's out to make himself unnecessary. Batman is a hero who wishes he didn't have to exist.”

― Frank Miller, Batman: Year One

I am well aware that there are countless blogs and articles about why Batman is the greatest superhero ever. But for me, it is not about his gadgets, his customer or his vehicle but his mindset and his character.

Especially in the Injustice universe. Batman and Superman are both right, but Batman is the one who is more correct. Forcing people to do what is right is not the best way to live a righteous life.

For all that Batman has lost in his life and to never go over that edge, although he has come to it on a few occasions, he hasn't succumbed to the chaos of the world, and this is exactly why Batman is without a doubt one of the best superheroes out there.


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    • Xavier Ludwig profile image

      Xavier 4 months ago from Wherever I feel like

      Hey! Thanks for the comment. Yes, "The Long Halloween" was truly an outstanding storyline. I personally have become very fond of the Under the Red Hood Storyline.

      The conversation that Batman and Red Hood have is simply amazing. It would be so easy for Batman to simply kill the Joker but if he did that... yes there would be no coming back.

      Despite evrything the Joker does coupled with Batman WANTING to kill him but doesn't is exactly why I love his character so much.

    • Nathan Kiehn profile image

      Nathan Kiehn 4 months ago

      "The Long Halloween" is my favorite comic story of all time. Despite the fact I'm a huge Spider-Man fan, Jeph Loeb's take on Batman for that story is incredible. He really creates this troubled, human hero and puts him in a dark place where he struggles between keeping Gotham safe and his own personal desires. I completely agree that he's definitely a guy who walks a moral line and manages to stay on top. Heck, The Dark Knight is great proof of that, too.