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Why Didn't No One Care

Updated on February 26, 2013

Why didn’t they Care

Why didn’t they care about the old?

Who did nothing but stare at the empty wall,

There was she, a very sweet lady,

There could have ever been.

Who made the very best tea.

Her smile would light up,

With every word that came out,

But fate had its turn,

When she walked out of that door,

She was a bit hard of hearing,

Her sight almost there,

How much more independent can anyone ask for?

When she did not come back to unlock that door,

It was her first foot in and now the last foot out,

For she is sadly no more

She only set out to see the doctor,

With the doctor’s slip in her hand

When the car knocked her out

If only someone could have cared a bit more.....


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