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Why Do Rude People Procreate?

Updated on September 26, 2010

Why Do Rude People Procreate?

Nothing was going to ruin your day, you thought you'd drive over to your mothers home and pick her up for brunch on a beautiful day with the birds chirping, and there was not a cloud in the sky when low and behold out of the blue and out of nowhere came this person. They were driving so fast you couldn't tell if they were male or female, you just seen a silver streak, which was their car that nearly ran you off the road. Surprisingly, this person stopped at the red light up the street,, she was a little red headed woman who was talking on her cell phone and eating a burger as she drove. You were shocked that she stopped for the red light. When the light turned green she sped off again, almost hitting a young man on his bike, as he continued to ride his bike he flips her the middle finger and he yelled out some profane language from his mouth. You couldn't blame him after nearly becoming a hit and run casualty.

You managed to pick your mother up to have lunch at one of your favorite restaurants and take in a movie before you brought her back home. While you both were sitting in the theater, to the right of you in the other aisle, there were two girls laughing and talking out loud in the theater, disrupting the movie for those who wanted there to be quiet.

Sitting right behind you, there was a man and his 5 year old son, the son continuously kicked the back of your chair and you could have sworn this kid threw popcorn over into your seat, and his dad didn't reprimand him not once. You and your mother decided that these interruptions was not worth your time and you left the theater.

When you and your mother walked back to the parking lot to get into your car, you discovered that someone had parked their car too close to the drivers side and another car had parked too close on the passenger side, at this point, you're thinking. " Unfriggin believable, what dumbasses park their cars too close to my car doors?" The next day while you were driving to work, you felt that things would be better than the day before; Unfortunately, it wasn't.

A man on a tractor decided to pull out in front of you on a two way road, making you late for work and to add insult to injury you had to pee after your morning java. This man saw you coming and he should have let you go, but rude people don't consider others when they want all of the control and making you or anyone else late for work is this mans pleasure, it didn't make him feel bad seeing you trying to speed up to get over into the other lane to pass him and having another car coming the opposite way that changed your mind. A little late, but you made it safely to work in time for the boss to chew your head off about being late, you had to be dumped on not only because you were late but because his third wife divorced him.

After work you promised to go to the mall with a co-worker who happens to be your best friend, she wanted you to help her pick out a dress for her cousins wedding on Saturday; you told her you would go and help her pick out this dress and grab a bite to eat from the food court. It didn't end up being just that, your friend wanted to go into all 150 stores, leaving you with blisters on your feet, tired and disgusted as hell with leftover french fries in a greasy paper bag that you got from the food court.

You didn't complain because you're a good friend. The next day, on the way home from work, the construction on the highway was causing traffic to be backed up for miles and as you inched your way up you realized you had to get over; When you would make an attempt to get over someone would prevent you from accomplishing it, almost causing an accident.

Living in Rudetown USA has got to get better than this, at least you thought it would until you go to the grocery to get something to prepare for dinner, and coming out to the parking lot you see that someone pushed their shopping cart behind your car, scratching the back of your bumper, but nothing tops the tag sale you had on Sunday where a customer tried to talk an item you were selling for ninety nine cents, down to ten cents and you originally purchased it for ten dollars.

Rude people come from all walks of life, Needless to say, if people would teach their children good morals and teach them to have respect for others, this world would be a nicer place to live in for everyone. "So, should rude people procreate? yes, as long as they also teach their children that one day, they too will meet their match.


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    • Affinity2010 profile image

      Leslie Trotter 7 years ago from New Orleans, La

      Wouldn't it be great if there was a little island you could ship all the rude people to, where they can live together in rude paradise. Thanks for the comment, Dr. Sharon and Attempteshumour

    • attemptedhumour profile image

      attemptedhumour 7 years ago from Australia

      Yes my friend calls them the eighty percent, i hope you feel better after that well understood rant. You'll never guess what happened to me today.......Oh well you've covered it. Cheers from Oz

    • Dr Sharon Schuetz profile image

      Dr Sharon Schuetz 7 years ago

      Good read. You're right, rude people are everywhere.