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Why Do We Forget When Our Life Goes Good ?

Updated on February 9, 2011

Is It Human Nature ?

When we look around and things are fine

As fine as a blade of grass that you hold in your hand from time to time

When we are healthy as a horse

The animals that are out in all types of weather standing still and usually forgotten

Our minds are trouble free at least for this moment

Where we can think any thought and we feel so positive in nature

Times that we are loved unconditionally by are pets

They just want to snuggle and be held close

Our family is not the cream of the crop but it is not the bottom of the heap either

We for the most part get along even though we go our different ways

But we are deep down proud of our name and where we came from

The knowledge that we have learned has given us new insight to what we will do and how to function day to day with less stress and fear

Deep down we are happy about who we are and all our accomplishments so far and have never stopped learning from our mistakes

We have not excelled in many things but we have at least given it a try

All the food that we have eaten over the years has pleased our bodies beyond measure

The lovely tastes that keep make us wanting more besides the great health benefits of providing the vitamins and nutrients our bodies need

The people that are closest to us that we call friends

 They are not our blood but for all intensive purposes they should be

They watch out for us when others wouldn't

They comfort us when we are down

They cheer us up for no apparent reason

I guess friends our the people that make life worth living

They give us great joy and ask nothing in return

When I sit here and type on a laptop that is borrowed

When I have great satsifaction of being toasty warm on the coldest of days

I have a retirement plan that is slowly building after years of dwinding and seeing my money going south because of the huge losses in the stock market

To have the honor to be married to my wife who could pick anyone else in the world but would rather have me

To have the freedom to express my thoughts no matter how off the wall or unconventional they are

Seeing people comment and sharing some of my same values and respecting those who don't and being able to understand there is know one way to live life

But many ways that makes all our lives come together that we can share our good and bad experiences forever

I have the ability to see and watch so many different colors and contrasts of everything that happens around me

I have the ability to hear each sound that makes so many noises that stimulates my brain

I have the ability to smell things that activates all my senses constantly awakening me to a whole new world

I have the abilty to touch and feel the many different textures and shapes that are as endless as the words that describe my fascinating life

All and all I have the sense to realize when things are wonderful and I  just keep enjoying my piece of heaven here on earth while everyone else waits for their heaven to come some day

I leave with with one thought and a prayer

May you always challange yourself to become better at anything that brings you the most happiness

I pray that you are healthy and safe from any danger that can happen in time

and that you may find a better life than mine


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