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Why Does He Come First

Updated on February 8, 2013

I asked for help

You never showed

He asks for help

You don’t say no

He needs a shirt

You drop the dime

I need a shirt

You wait and whine

I need a shoulder

You walk away

He needs both

You stay ‘til gray

I have a wish

You care not much

He has a wish

You grow your plot

If I do fall

You’d pick me up

If he does fall

The whole world stops

He needs hope

He’s two of you

I need hope

It’s me or you

He gets all the things he wants

I wait in patience to afford my tons

I may feel hungry

But I know who I am

One day I’ll hold you out my hand

If I let go, remember then

I waited life for you to be

‘Til I could care for only me

At young I pried for empty palms

Which always lay on someone else

A full grown man had took my spot

His children, first, were held and taught

I relied on God to guide

Found my way with tight closed eyes

Don’t give me hopes that fail to see

Or others your false diary

Don’t spread the word, you’re first to see

As I give news of what I’ve done for me

He came first as I have last

The present still remains the past

I tell you, when he needs you

Go to him and I will choose

Where to go with what’s been done

Though I’m slower than the other one

My endeavors are thought through

Hopefully you’ll see that too

I want to know the reason why

I am different in your eyes

I’m not perfect or in honors

Just read on to know the barters

When you need me most

I’ll be here

‘Cause when the day comes

He’ll leave you there

I have no doubt

One day you’ll see a child you left inside of me

But when he leaves

New times forgive

And with my heart you’ll always live

- Brandon Jared Martin © 2013


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