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How Dogs Are The Best Home Security

Updated on March 3, 2016

Almost all of us has seen it; the home security commercials.

A burglar has been watching this particular house for a long time.

One day he decides to run up and drop kick the door open in an attempt to rob the place.

The noise alerts the person inside the house, neighbors, cats, dogs, people call others on the phone and tell them about the noise, and the security system comes to life and alerts the authorities.

No offense to any security systems, but we all know that burglars can spot a security system. And some burglars can cut the power. If the power is out, what will it run on.

Then could break the glass in a corner of a window downstairs, use a wire clothes rack to pull the latch in the opposite direction to open the window, lift the window slip in and rob you blind.

This mini-article is meant to enlighten you to the dog and the benefits of having one, especially for security.



In my opinion, a dog is better than any security system. I love cats, but a cat may not get mixed up in your business or a robbers business.

After a lot of thought, and denial, I've accepted that my favorite pet is not good for this job.They want to be fed, sheltered, pampered and have a place to squat, that's it. The only thing they're trying to fight is another cat that comes up in the house or yard.

A dog, particularly, a German Shepherd, can and will handle and solve all the household's security issues.

First of all, the dog knows who belongs in the house, in the yard, in the area, allowed to use the bathroom, or touch the household's appliances. He knows this by smell.

The dog will bark and wake the whole neighborhood if a smell comes into the yard that is not a smell associated with a member of the family.

The dog recognizes the regulars. However, this person doesn't live there, sleep there, eat there, so they don't come there without a household member being alerted.

Leaving the dog outside may not be a good idea in a quaint neighborhood like the ones on TV.

German Shepherds tend to say hello by a quick sneaky growl and snap at stranger. However, monitored and well-trained, one could keep it in the house.


Dog Security

Say for instance a burglar breaks in the way I suggested. That they cut the power, take a glass cutter, making a hole in the window extra quiet. The takes a wire clothes rack bends it, sticks it in and pulls the latch in the opposite direction.

All the while the glass was being cut, the dog already got a whiff of an unfamiliar scent and went to investigate.

He's walking through the house to the place where the scent is strongest. Slowly, steadily in the dark, he spots the burglar or burglars making an entry.

If it's one scent, meaning one burglar, he lets him get all the way in. If its more than one, he only lets one get all they way in before he makes a move.

The burglar gets stalked throughout the house. It's only when he gets a good grip on something heavy, gets close to a family member's room, or pick up stuff, that the dog barks, sounding the alert, then attacks. This is when it wraps its jaws around one if their butt cheeks.

If it's more than one, the dog waits for only one to get in, then he attacks right at that window. Particularly trying to knock the burglar right back out the window, while sending out the booming barks to wake the head of the household.

Last Note

And there you have it, the successful dog, the loyal companion.

A successful preventer of harm, a successful prevention of anything stolen, a successful prevention of anyone returning because of the stalker-devious blood-thirsty hound living inside your house.

It all works out for everyone except for the burglar.

For you, because dogs don't really cost too much, you don't have to replace anything, and most important, you and your family wasn't hurt.

So, don't be afraid or hesitant to adopt a dog at the pound or a stray. They can be a major benefit to the safety of your family and belongings. Not to mention, they are incredibly loyal and great pets.


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