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Why English Literature is so Important to Black Folks

Updated on May 29, 2012

English Literature is the most significant attribute

Blacks were deprived of during slavery.

English Literature enhanced Black's ability

to appeal to their master's intellectually.

Much like Caliban, Blacks were deprived of their native homeland,

considered savage and deformed,

and ungrateful to have been torn

from a life unlike the European missionaries' norm.

With speech taught to him by Prospero,

Caliban spoke in opposition to his injustice,

just like the slaves and the free Blacks

when English Literature they did muster.

With English Literature,

Blacks aided in the world's realization

of the serious degradation of the Black race,

in this protested free nation.

Black Literature infused our race

with courage and determination

to change the face of oppression,

and build a truly united nation.


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