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Why Godzilla and superheroes don't mix

Updated on July 20, 2015

The Fantasy

Okay I'm sure ever since America met Godzilla way back in 1954 and kids started to get into the monster in the early mid sixty's they have always fantasized about there there favorite superhero fighting Godzilla, I assume so anyway given that I was one of those kids. However since I have grown up and learned about both the superhero community and Godzilla and his atomic nature I have concluded that in most cases all the crime fighter can do is help evacuation. This sounds very bad but lets not give up hope yet, let me show you what I mean by that and just what some of our favorite heroes can do when the king of the monsters comes to there shores.

Godzilla King of the Monsters
Godzilla King of the Monsters

Measuring Up

To start lets pick a general size for Godzilla given that he has changed throughout the years, it occurs to me that most people picture Godzilla around 100 meters tall (roughly 300 feet) and weighting 30,000 tons give or take. Most superheros are about six feet tall and 200 lbs give or take.

Now before someone gets snippy, I understand that all these heroes have great powers to make up for whatever they may lack which is why we are going to have a look at each thing or power piece by piece starting with the most obvious and most popular power of them all.


Godzilla deep within the Japanese trench.
Godzilla deep within the Japanese trench.

Now there has been contradictory surrounding just how strong the Hulk, Superman and plenty of others actually are so lets be fare and just say that most of the really strong ones such as the Thing, Martian Manhunter Colossus and Supergirl can lift 300 tons while the ones unmatched for strength like the Hulk, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Thor can lift 500 tons. Sounds about right and they have plenty of heroes in Marvel and DC that could be placed in the category of unmatched.

As Good as that sounds, Godzilla should still be able to lift his own weight making him strong enough to lift 30,000 tons and technically he as lifted twice that and more but he as also like the superheroes there have been some contradictory to Godzilla'a overall strength so we are going to stop there at 30,000 just to make things easier. Godzilla is still a whole lot stronger then any hero just based on his weight alone.

Now let me throw this out there, Godzilla lives deep within the Japanese Trench which is 500 miles long and 29,500 ft deep but could easily move to the Mariana Trench given that it is not that faraway. Now at the bottom of the trench the water column above exerts a pressure of 15,750 Psi (that is pounds per square inch) or roughly 8 tons per square inch, which means just his living conditions is more then any costumed hero could ever hope to throw at him.

I should also mention that the temperature down there is 1 to 4 °C (34 to 40 °F). making freezing him not impossible although it would never kill him due to his atomic core keeping him warm and given that his body is prone to sudden change in temperature, but that being said Godzilla has been put to sleep through the means of extreme cold as seen in Godzilla Raids Again and Godzilla Final Wars.

Nuclear Power

Aside from being supposedly born within an atomic blast already pushing Godzilla above most heroes, Godzilla can also use this power in powerful breath of pure radioactivity which can destroy most of anything in his path and is recorded to be as hot as the surface of the sun which is 9941 °F. Godzilla is also dangerously radioactive to the point that it could kill someone just being near him.

Acute radiation syndrome (ARS), also known as radiation poisoning, radiation sickness or radiation toxicity, is a collection of health effects which present within 24 hours of exposure to high amounts of ionizing radiation. The radiation causes cellular degradation due to damage to DNA and other key molecular structures within the cells in various tissues; this destruction, particularly as it affects ability of cells to divide normally, in turn causes the symptoms. The symptoms can begin within one or two hours and may last for several months. The terms refer to acute medical problems rather than ones that develop after a prolonged period.

seems to me that any kind of regeneration power (unless it was magic) would not save you from this given it is a breakdown on a cellular level, also most heroes are not immune to radiation in anyway reducing the available set of heroes more so. Now I understand that some heroes's whole powers actually surround the element of radiation such as Hulk, Superman and the Fantastic Four however there is still much against them, I should also point out that in Godzilla VS Destroyah it was reviled to us that Godzilla possesses not one but several different forms of radiation including nuclear, radon, x-ray and several others including some that have yet to be discovered. I would have a hard time believing that not one of these radiations would not have some kind of weird effect on some of them such as a blue sun making Superman stronger or his weakness to kryptonite. Also Godzilla can absorb and feed on radiation meaning that Hulk or the Fantastic four may look like a small snack to him.

All Hope is not Lost

I don't want to bash them entirely where there is a will there is a way. The thing is Godzilla is the kind of opponent that you should plot and plane for rather then just jumping in. My best bet would be on the tech masters like Iron Man or Steel or masters of magic like Doctor Strange or Doctor Fate.

Characters like Tony Stark are known for building a solution to the something that could at least hold its own against the monster king such as Mechagodzilla or maybe building something that could use the water against him like the Oxygen Destroyer.

Given the magic is unknown in itself it would make since to me that a powerful sorcerer could summon powerful blast on energy equivalent to an atomic blast or summon a monster to aid them in combat like any one of the other Toho monsters or maybe they could throw Godzilla into a portal to another world.

I suppose something else I am forgetting is that there might be a way to reason with him such as maybe Read Richards could make something that Godzilla would want and in a since feed him and make him go away. Also someone like Raven could remove all of Godzilla negative emotions and in a since calm him down and thus he would leave.

Tell Me

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Final Thoughts

I didn't mention the heroes that can grow there size, but most of the time they couldn't get big enough and I am not sure if they could survive the radiation and I wouldn't think a person even boosted in size could fight something like Godzilla who can move like a person but fights like an animal with his teeth and claws.

I hope you all found this to be a very interesting, please feel free to leave me any kind of comment you desire.


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