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Why I Love Audible Audiobooks

Updated on April 30, 2017

Where to begin?

Where do I begin, where can I convince you that reading this is better than listening to it?
To be honest, I don't think it is, but I hope some of you will take the time to learn why I think audio-books are so good, how they are the future of literature.
For many years I've avoided reading books, don't get me wrong, there's been quite a few I've really enjoyed. I've found myself lost in a nice romantic book or getting my thrills from a deep action novel.
Now I've discovered this however, I can't see myself ordering a book online myself any time soon, Audio-books have given me a new insight into literature I didn't know existed.

There are times at night when I find myself unable to 'switch off', I lead a hectic daytime life, I have a three year old Daughter that runs rampant non-stop and my partner's illness means I end up doing most the running about. As you can imagine I don't get much time to sit and read, then when bed time comes it's lights out.

If I could get away with a bedside light, or perhaps one of those head lamps, I would maybe try it, but my eyes are somewhat uninterested come late evening. An Audio-book is a nice gentle way for me to lie back and relax, get engrossed into another world, a little escape before another day begins.

Why Audible?

I was recommended Audible from a friend, they had been a customer for quite some time and often spoke of it. I was sceptical at first, as with all online services, I've been on the video streaming services before, I've subscribed, watched box sets and films, then found myself cancelling the subscription after a few months due to lack of interest, the box sets run out and new films take a while to appear.

With Audible, I was first attracted by the free trial they offer for a 30-day period, you also get one free title of your choosing to listen to. Let me tell you, I spent an hour or so scanning through the lists picking my first one, it was rather exciting if I'm honest, they do have over 200,000 titles to choose from.

Of course, it's not necessary to subscribe to the service to get Audio-books, you can buy them outright, but you do get a discount for being an active member.

How do I listen?

I personally have an Android phone, and I use the app through this device to essentially Stream my audio-books and I use my regular head phones because of the size.

However you can use any device you wish, especially any Amazon devices such as the Fire, Echo etc. and the app supports all three mobile OS, Android, iPhone and Windows, Tablets, Phones and PC/Laptops.
Listen while you commute to work, cook your dinner and even while you go for a run.

Why Audible and not another?

Audible was the first service I tried, and it will be the last.
Once you start your free trial, baring in mind you can cancel at any time you want, the free audio-book and any other books you then purchase are your's to keep, whether you cancel or continue the subscription.

I have around 15 books on my account as we speak and I plan to get more, I've listened to a few of them several times because I feel that they are worth it. It's like going to a book reading, but getting to sit where-ever you want.

If I'm not happy with a book, Audible let's you swap it for another, any time and for any reason.
"I really liked the look of this one, but it's just not for me." That's fine, they'll let you trade it in for another with no extra cost.

The most promising thing has to be the discount of up to 70% off purchases while your subscription is active. It's not too costly either, it's pretty much the same as the TV services and it's got a way bigger choice.

Ok, you've got me convinced, where do I go?

If you've got this far into the article I hoped you've enjoyed it. I'm not a professional writer but I hope one day to improve. Feel free to comment me any feedback as it all helps me.

You're now wondering how do you go about getting this service? You can obviously just Google it, as you can with all things, but here is the link to start your free 30-day trial with Audible Audio-books:

Are you going to give it a try?

See results

If you enjoy my content

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I welcome both to my pages. If you want to let me know you like it, please do Follow me.

Thanks for reading, have a good day.


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    • profile image


      20 months ago

      Great hub! My son is visually impaired and listens to a lot of audio books. He recently acquired a Kindle Fire and has the Audible app but it is a paid subscription. It does have perks and the Kindle also allows other apps such as Hoopla and Overdrive where audio books can be downloaded. To date the Alexa only works with Audible and he needs a pair of eyes to make those work. Still better than getting 10 books at the local library. Thanks for sharing.


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