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Why I came to HubPages.

Updated on September 25, 2012

We all have a story...

We all have a story for how we came to be on HubPages. Some were looking for recipes or football blogs, some were looking for a shoulder to cry on or advice. The one thing we all have in common, is that we all love to write.
Since I first awkwardly put pencil to paper, writing, or storytelling has been a passion of mine. Though it wasn't always easy.
I have a nerve condition, and therefore my writing was... difficult to read.
Soon I was saddled with a device called an "AlphaSmart."
Now if you don't know what an AlphaSmart is. Firstly, I'm incredibly jealous. Secondly it is a portable word-processing keyboard. Imagine a laptop, but all it does is use Microsoft Word.
Obviously, this meant a lot of bullying for the scrawny kid with curly brown hair, but there was an unforeseen silver lining.
See, when I was done work, or perhaps unaware that there was work I was supposed to be doing, I buried myself in my AlphaSmart and the worlds I created within it.
Stories about Dinosaurs turned into stories about Jedi turned into stories about Skateboards turned into stories about the Girl next door turned into stories about the Girl that got away.
Many things have changed in my life, but writing has always been there.
Now, coming to terms with the fact that my teenage years are over, and that its time for me to leave the nest and become an adult. Or something like that.
Only problem is... I have no clue what I want to do! I have no idea where the next step is!
My whole life, I've been applauded for "thinking outside the box" but frankly? I would just like to know what the hell is inside the damn thing.
So. Here I am. Experiencing fall for 21st time. Armed with a high school diploma, a few college credits, the weight of alleged potential... and no direction.
My Mom, my biggest fan and critic, constantly supporting my creative drive all the way from Seattle, has been pestering me with ways I could use my creativity to my advantage, and the other day, she mentions that blogging can make me som money.
I rolled out of bed today, frustrated from yet another hapless job hunting spree and think "Hell, what is the worst that could happen?" and after viewing several blog sites, I found this beauty. This simple, beautiful, potentially rewarding site and started posting some of the material I had written for S&gigs by myself.
I'm not saying this is the answer, or even a hint.
But I'm glad I found this website, and expect a lot of well thought out and occasionally humorous material.


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