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Why I couldn't stop crying

Updated on June 21, 2012

During my college days, I was very popular among my friends. Everybody liked me and my company. Teachers laughed at my jokes and shared good times with me. Every teacher remarked that I was the naughtiest student they have ever come across. I also enjoyed seeking attention of others. For that duration of my life, I could do anything to become the centre of attraction. I even started telling lies for that. Being ignorant of the experience of a teacher, I told such lies to my teachers. Unaware of the importance of precious gift of life—friends, I started making my friends fool. This all sharpened my skills of lying to others. Soon I started going around with the girls and enjoyed the importance given to me. Now I have mastered the art of lying and became a prefect liar. One teacher always observed my rude behaviour with my friends, absenteeism from the class and always strolling or sitting with girls. This teacher called me one day in his room and asked,

“why don’t you change yourself?”

I exclaimed, “What do you mean by change?”

He replied, “Son, you are a good human being and can become a good future citizen”

Under the belief that now I am a good liar, I said, “Okay sir, as you say I will do that.”

But his experience was like a big mountain and my lie was like a small stone. He said, “Son, I promise that one day I will make you a polished student.” I didn’t pay heed to our conversation and started with my own lying business. My lying capabilities improved with passing months and years, I assumed myself to be very clever, intelligent, and responsible.

One day I went to a fair with my best friend (actually I was his best friend that what I thought). In that fair, I met a girl (some of my acquaintance). I lied my friend and told him, “you wait here, I will be back in sometime.” Then it was a wonderful evening with that girl. It was a date that I was waiting for. We spent hours together in a restaurant. When it came to paying bill, I realised I have lost my wallet. In the meantime the girl left for the day as it was getting late. NOW the biggest liar and the most clever person in the world has nothing to speak. I looked here and there with desperation. Still I thought to myself what type of lie can save me from this situation. Soon someone called my name. This was a middle-age couple who called me and I looked at them in surprise. I asked in a humble tone, “Who are you?” They replied we know you very well but you tell us why you look so disturbed. I mentioned the missing of the wallet and the remaining payment to be made. They offered me a glass of water and asked me to relax. We will pay your bill don’t you worry. Out of happiness I thanked them and enquired who are they?

“We are the parents of your best friend” they replied. I jumped from my chair thinking about the friend whom I have kept waiting in the fair. I sought their permission to leave and ran to the fair to meet my friend. As soon as I entered the fair, I saw my best friend in an unconscious state taken to a hospital in an ambulance. I enquired people around. Someone told me that he was looking for his friend and met an accident. Quickly I ran to hospital to see my friend who was hit by a car. Doctors said his condition is serious. Soon I was joined by the worried parents. When they asked me about the accident, I wanted to tell them few lies to save myself. BUT I was not able to do that, I told them the entire story about the fair, waiting friend, girl, restaurant, and accident. They shouted at me and asked me to leave the place at once.

I realised what a blunder I have done. Now I realised that I was not very clever, intelligent, and responsible instead I was very idiot, fool and irresponsible. I was clueless as what to do. I was feeling guilty about all this. After wandering with guilt for two days, I went to my teacher explained what happened and what I felt. My teacher took me to my hospitalised friend. Finding my friend in a good state, I started crying. This cry was not for the pain my friend has gone through but this was on my foolishness because of which my friend has gone through all this. I cried, cried and cried. I was inconsolable, because of my belief of being a prefect liar shattered and then only I realised that these tears signify my repentance. I hugged my friend and cried louder as now I have realised that how important friends are. My friend forgave me and I thanked God for saving my friend’s life. I was still crying without a fail. But when my teacher said, “don’t cry son, now you must have realised what being true is all about” I stopped crying and vowed that whenever, whatever, however, wherever anything goes wrong in my life, I will not tell the lie to cover the truth. So that endless crying made a true citizen, as my teacher said, out of me. I thank God for all the good friends and well wishers around me. One lie needs hundred more lies to cover up, but one truth worth much more than hundred lies. It is My humble prayer to God that no one should tell a lie in this world.


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    • sonison profile image

      sonison 5 years ago from Heaven 7

      Thanks Beth100 for being considerate about my decision of speaking truth and about the my friend's health. As you said everthing happens for a reason and many times you are not able to understand that reason. Similair thing happened with me, i wanted to tell a lie but just could'nt managed that. But i am glad that i spoke truth and become so courageous that i wrote my entire lying-telling sin to everyone through HUBPAGES. Thanks a lto

    • Beth100 profile image

      Beth100 5 years ago from Canada

      There is no better answer than the truth. The truth may seem to be difficult to speak, at that time, but the lies that bubble up to the surface at a later time are more difficult to explain. Everything happens for a reason, though we may not see the whole picture. It was wonderful that not only that you chose to speak the truth to your friend's parents, but that your friend gained his health and recovered from the accident. A true friend will always stand beside you, not matter how difficult the times.

    • sonison profile image

      sonison 5 years ago from Heaven 7

      Thank you Mr. Puri. Will get some more hubs for you pretty soon.

    • girishpuri profile image

      Girish puri 5 years ago from NCR , INDIA

      touching, deep, i like your hub