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Why Comics Are Failing and How to Fix It?

Updated on September 6, 2017

Can the comic book industry be saved?

There was a time when comic books were in every corner grocery store in a news stand rack. They used to cost under $1 and were read by almost every young boy. Those days are gone and we're now entering a dark age for comic books. Sales are down, single issue comics are limited to comic shops and are nonexistent on news stands and young kids aren't into them like they used to be.

When you think of comics, two companies should come to mind; Marvel and DC. These companies have been around for ages and are responsible for the biggest names in the comic world. Superman, Spider-man, Batman and the X-Men to name a few. Dc has recently launched a Rebirth line that has driven their line back to basics. They've also started pumping issues out every 2 weeks and only charging $2.99. Sales for DC comics have gone up and the company has been on a role since Rebirth kicked off.

The same can't be said for Marvel. There are many reasons for a slump in sales in comics biggest publisher, but to rattle off a few, prices are too high, there are too many books on the shelf and there is a problem with new legacy heroes and diversity. To unwrap that for you a little bit, many of the iconic characters you grew up with are absent from marvel comics in a way. Tony Stark is missing in action and has been replaced by a teenage girl named Riri Williams. The X-Men have alternate universe characters like old man Logan to replace Wolverine and younger versions of the original 5 to replace Cyclops, Jean and the rest. Captain America was a nazi for a year and serving Hydra. These are problems that turned fans off. Ultimately, fans want to read about characters they like, not generic rip offs. This has turned off many readers and sales have slipped because of it.

Not all is lost for Marvel though. Secret Empire just ended and contributed to restoring the universe, in a way. Generations and Legacy are going on or right around the corner, so hopefully this will help restore the balance. Bad sales for Marvel are a bad sign for the comic book industry in general. The industry thrives when the big 2 are selling. The future of the industry can be saved though. The movies are helping gain interest in the books, and digital comics allow for fans to get their hands on comics if there isn't a store in their state or area. I'm not sure what the comics industry can do to next to keep with the times, possibly release all new graphic novel instead of some single issues, but that's just a guess. As a huge comic lover, i hope Marvel rights the ship and brings back everyone's favorite characters (we desperately miss Cyclops). I'll keep reading as long as they keep writing them, but it wouldn't hurt to give the fans what they want from time to time

The X-Men need to be back in a big way

I miss the 90's


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