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Why Me? ... I'm Just A Freelancer!

Updated on September 25, 2014

How Did You Start?

Let's say you are just one of those people who have a need for additional monies today. Like most people, it happens! Today we have large companies caring less about their employees now that ever before. They promote such hype about being employee friendly, but then how many of the large companies really put it to their employees regarding healthcare in the past year? If a poll were taken regarding how many have gotten 'cost of living' raises in the past 5 years, how many people could actually say they got one?

I happen to work for a large corporation who hasn't given 'cost of living' raises and plans to raise the deductible to higher levels for their health insurance in the coming year. Due to the nature of my position, I can't work elsewhere due to a 'conflict of interest'. I am literally caught between the rock and a hard place!

Enter: Freelancing

So, the thought came to me. "Why not try some Freelancing?" Being quite capable at a variety of work, I joined several various Freelancing websites. This is really a quite nice place for one to pick up some extra cash doing something they like! I must admit, that I am quite internet savvy and found that most of the sites I joined were quite legitimate. The problem occurs when the ones hiring you aren't!

I was quite impressed that, after placing several selections in my wish list, that I was notified that some of these had been removed due to improper hiring procedures, offering outside of the payment arrangements of the site or for other policy violations. I found this to be quite reassuring.

But Then......

So, after a while of picking up a few jobs here and there, getting some new experiences and opportunities, I was taken. I was so excited that day that I received a private invitation to place bid on a job. At the time, I was only one of six that had been offered the opportunity to bid on the job and felt quite good about my chances of landing this one.

The prospects were good. The position was right up my alley. And, I got the interview.

So far, so good. Then, the curious happened. I was asked to communicate outside of the site where the offer originated. While I was a bit suspicious, I agreed, making sure that I had a copy of the page showing the details of the position and the information of the potential employer...just for safe keeping. You see, I'm just that way on the internet.

So, the next step was the interview. It was an internet interview, all on Google Hangouts with no video. It appeared to go well, and I was ultimately 'hired' for the position.

I did my homework. Verified the company, checked for scam reports on the person and company. All looked good. I was quite excited, as if this job worked out, I would be able to spend more time with my husband and family, while still making a good living. I tried to NOT get excited.

The days went by, communications continued, contracts were sent and signed, but actual paperwork still was not forthcoming. I requested more details, and was delayed continually. Then, it came.....the ultimate 'conversation' of arrangements.

The Issue....

Suddenly, after most the details had been finalized, I was informed by the HR manager that there was a problem with the software provider and I would need to purchase it myself via wireless transfer.

Still, being quite curious myself, I questioned and questioned the reasoning behind this sudden change and decision.

This person tried every way possible to compel me to agree to the payment. I wouldn't. The contacted me several times again throughout the day trying to intimidate me to make the purchase. I still refused.

Later in the evening, I did some additional research and reported this scam to for additional investigations.


I'm a freelancer. I have rights that others do not have the right to infringe upon! When someone tries to cheat another out of their money or services, it's not funny, nor cute, nor harmless. Time is valuable to most of us, and if we are freelancers, even more so because we are likely doing it out of need.

So, my comments to those trying to rip off everyone else is:

  • Get a job!
  • Get an honest job!
  • If you put the same attention to earning an honest living compared to a dishonest one, you'd be making lots more money!
  • If you don't plan on paying, don't offer the job!
  • And finally, perhaps one day you too can be a freelancer, landing that perfect job for that perfect pay in those perfect conditions...only to find out that it's someone you trained for your business!

To the dishonest, good luck in your endeavors to be honest and trustworthy.

To the Freelancers out there, good luck in your endeavors of honesty and trustworthiness while having to deal with all the smucks out there in the freelancing world! And....don't send any money! I didn't and I'm so glad!


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