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Why Movies on Some of the Famous Book Series Failed to Gain Attention

Updated on November 5, 2015

Hi, Who doesn't like movies, specially when they are based on one of the famous book series which we have already read or heard about. The best example is the world famous Harry Potter series. Everyone who has seen these movies love them, but the fact which I wonder about is that there are many pretty good movies based on some of the famous book series but still they don't get the appreciation or response that we would have expected after reading the books. Here i want to discuss about some of those movies which failed to get the expected response.


Eragon, a movie based on the first part of the series Inheritance Cycle written by Cristopher Paolini which is one of the best fantasy series ever written, this series was started with the aim of three books but was extended to four books. This series gained world wide recognition and is among the best selling series, it is a must read series for all those who love fantasy series specially the one related to dragons, but in spite of all this fame the movie Eragon didn't get the expected appreciation the main reason for this according to me was lack of an interesting background story. The movie was simply focused on the events going on at the screen without giving much regard to the past events which led to those moments or the possibilities created by those events which was a main reason of the success of the books as those things created a wide scope for thoughts and imaginations of the readers, in a way the movie was a more of a on screen play rather than a part of a large plot which would have raised the excitements of the viewers. Another major reason for the fame of the first book of the book series was the writer's perspective of the journey of Eragon, and the shared moments and emotions of Eragon and Saphira the dragon. Christopher Paolini focused on the journey of the boy giving smaller but interesting details rather than reaching the destination along with some nice moments showing the bond between Eragon and Saphira which added to the joy of reading and which was missing from the movie. So I don't mean to offend anyone but these were the reasons according to me that if otherwise could have made the movie Eragon loved by everyone.

Percy Jackson and the Olympions

Percy Jackson and the Olympians- This is another movie series which is based on one of the most read book series which goes by the same name and is written by Rick Riordan but has not been appreciated as much as the movie series. Generally the movie is made a little different from the books it is based on, but in this case I don't remember any such difference but even then many say that watching the movie was not as good as reading the book. The main plot of the book was definitely based on the quest taken up by Percy Jackson which was very well shown in the movie but a very important part of the book that made it very interesting were the training sessions of Percy Jackson and the games played etc...which was not focused on much in the movie. I agree that it would have made the movie longer but as in the case of Lord of The Rings, longer time would have been an advantage in this case. Also in the movie apart from the main gods, interaction with other gods was not shown much as in the book which would have definitely made the movie more interesting.

Vampire Academy

Vampires have always been a very important part of the fantasy world and they contribute a large portion in the huge collection of fantasy books and movies. There has been a large number of books written on vampires and also movies that are made on vampires but among all the books Vampire Academy series written by Richelle Mead has gained a very special place because of a very different perspective and nature of vampires shown in this book series. I won't go into the details of the book series as in this article I am mainly concerned about the movie that was made based on the first book of the series, the movie is itself named after the series as Vampire Academy. Many say that its a girly kind of series or movie but I don't think so just because the lead characters are female so that doesn't make it anymore less exciting for a male to read. When the movie came based on the first book of the series I was very anxious to see it but after watching the movie I realised that the movie didn't had the magical touch of the writer of the book for anyone who has not read the book and have just sen the movie, for those viewers the movie is purely an action based plot in english in which most of the characters are vampires, the thing that makes reading the book very interesting is the combination of vampires and magic and to show different types of vampires among themselves. The concept of different vampires being able to interact and use of different elements gives it an additional touch of interesting, many different characters in the book are described in very details which creates a unique identity for different characters but this was missing from the movie, the movie was completely focused on what the main characters do. Even there are some characters who plays a very important role in the book and their individual life has been mentioned and discussed but in movie such characters one of whom happens to be the boyfriend of the lead characters have been sidelined. Vampire Academy as it shows the names of the movie and book series represent a school for the Vampire children so the school life showed is a major part and attractive feature of the book but this important part of book was not considerd much in the movie, the movie was more made on the outside world and this is one of the very important points that could have made the movie very interesting to watch


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